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New Musik: JayMen

December 6, 2007


After significant success in Holland and support from the who’s who of the DJ community including Fedde le Grande and Erick E, Dutch electro/house senstion Jaymen are finally making their US debut.  Their first single “Ooh La Lishious” is being released through Marian Records, and will impact clubs this month.  
The story behind this invigorating new face in the dance industry is nearly as encapsulating as the music itself.  It all started with a group of friends in Holland with a passion for electronic music.  One night, disappointed with the current musical landscape, DJ Jordy Lishious and DJ Boy Lamoen decided to strike out on their own, creating the musical masterpiece that is “Ooh La Lishious”.  Upon its release in the Netherlands, the duo took the electro/house scene by storm, entering the Dutch Buzz National Top 40 charts only a week after the singles release.  Soon after the #1 Dutch radio station Slam FM picked up on the slamming track, quickly moving it to the #1 spot on their Top 30 Dance list. 

Since the early success of the record, Jaymen have showed no signs of slowing down, with entries on the Dutch Top 40 Singles chart as well the German Dance Charts.  This kind of international acclaim is rare from such a new and relatively unknown group.

With a gritty, driving beat carefully intermingled with a vocal sample from the legendary Afrika Baambaata, “Ooh La Lishious” creates a completely unique atmosphere wherever it is played.  By combining the nostalgic elements of early hip-hop with the latest trends in electronic production, Jaymen have delivered an unsurpassed club track, guaranteed to destroy dance floors all over the world.

AllFunMusik Radio features the JayMen’s new song Ooh La Lishious in its lineup.