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Darren Hayes – The Tension and the Spark

March 6, 2008


 iTunes makes 2004’s The Tension And The Spark available this week.

Darren Hayes… the voice – beautiful. Undeniable.

The music… dark, futuristic and electronic. I’m a huge fan, so of course I bought it and, I’ve listened to it 75 times already, but i wasn’t crazy about it at first. It quickly grew on me, though. I can listen to it all the time and each time find a new song I really like a lot. It really snuck up on me.

Sense of Humor and Darkness were early favorites of mine and Dublin Sky quickly grew in. It’s kind of like getting a new song each day as each one clicks with me.

I’ve changed this post since I first wrote it… I must admit. The original post was good on the voice, not so great on the arrangements. I guess I must like the style or I wouldn’t listen as much. I never disliked it, mind you. Not at all. I do wish, though, that at some point, he’d try a slightly more acoustic album so I can hear his voice as the star of the song. Personally, I don’t think he needs anything backing him up, but I really do get it.

The album is really quite good and if you’re not jumping up and down on the first go -round, just wait. It will sneak up on you and move to the top of your list quickly.

For Darren’s thoughts on the songs from The Tension and the Spark, go HERE.

I’ve included a song from the album. Enjoy! Pop!ular by Darren Hayes

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Darren Hayes – Casey

January 26, 2008

Today’s release of the Casey video gives me an excuse to do another Darren Hayes post.  Casey is hand in hand for the top spot on my This Delicate Thing We’ve Made favorites list along with Listen All You People. The link to the YouTube video is below.


You can also watch the video HERE at Darren’s YouTube Space, or go over to and watch it there. Or, you can just listen to Casey at my other blog HERE.

Video production this time around by Damian Hale of onedotzero.

Photos from the This Delicate Thing We’ve Made digital cover.

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Darren Hayes – When We Were Amazing

November 30, 2007


On the day of the release of This Delicate Thing We’ve Made, while waiting to buy the double CD on iTunes, I read a review that called the album a “masterpiece”. I thought.. ‘oh come on’. Masterpiece is an awfully strong word.

Now, I worry that the laser on the CD player in my car just HAS to burn through to the ground at some point. I can’t take it out. This isn’t the VERGE of something wonderful, it’s dead on wonderful. I will say though, that I did have a minor complaint about the phaser sounds on Listen All You People (my favorite song – I think), I was listening to the CD one day (in the car) and I actually started to pull over because I thought something was wrong with the car. The sounds hit me strangely sometimes. OK, I’m a tard.

The music contained on these CDs is so good, I sometimes feel like I should send Darren more money.

I saw a video on YouTube of the Brisbane concert and Casey (my other favorite song). At the instrumental section toward the end, out comes a giant oragami crane with Hayes standing on top; the lights above moving as if the bird was in flight and he proceeded with the end of the song. Way cool. I got the whole paper crane thing now.

The video, by hubby Richard Cullen, that introduces the paper crane is Who Would Have Thought and I’ve included it here. I’ve also included instructions to make your own paper crane.

Click on the pic

If Darren ever needs to go back to a time when he was amazing, he could always go back to now. That spot is safe for him, because This Delicate Thing We’ve Made is truly amazing.

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Listen All You People to Darren Hayes

October 12, 2007


I LOVE Darren Hayes. He has probably, my most favorite voice of all time.

220px-dananddarren.jpgWhen I first heard Truly, Madly Deeply, I instantly became a Savage Garden fan. I hadn’t even realized that I missed their first single I Want You. Savage Garden (Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones) was an Australian band that snuck up on America and made a bit hit here. Truly Madly Deeply introduced us to  a very unique and beautiful voice and a very entertaining stage and video presence. I Knew I Loved You was the next big hit and everyone ate it up. The Animal Song, originally written for a movie that flopped, was the next I Want you with a peppy beat and fast lyrics. Crash and Burn would become my favorite SG piece. Aptly so, since Savage Garden broke up in 2001.

Hayes’ first solo album Spin with single Insatiable was released in 2002. Tne single was OK, but didn’t really make it and the album fell sort of short of what we were previously getting from Savage Garden. Perhaps going solo, he tried to distance himself from the SG sound. I don’t know. I could never wrap my arms around Spin.