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Sneak Peek

November 27, 2012


I’m not good at sleazy tactics, I must admit. But I got a look at the new, long awaited Peter Lemongello site. It isn’t up yet, so don’t bother looking for it and I’m not sleazy enough to say where it is, but I’m on the verge of no longer being the place to turn for Lemongello info, not to mention a conduit to the man himself. So, why not go out with a ‘you saw it here first’ post.

So click on the picture for a preview of the new Lemongello destination on the Web. It looks good so far and contains information and a way to contact Peter and of course, get your hands on some music. Looks like the site will be up very soon, so check back. The picture is only a third of one of many pages, so it’s really only a peek. I guess I’m also not sleazy enough to out the entire site before it’s ready.

Love 2007 is here but instead of TV, it’s happening on the Web. Peter and his longtime fans are lucky that his voice and style have remained true because a new album will be out in 2008. So after we stock up on the ‘Then’, we have the ‘Now’ to still look forward to.


Peter Lemongello’s New Site

December 19, 2007

Dec 31, 6:38 PM
First, let me wish everyone the best New Year ever !
Thank you all for the interest in my new website and the new package of CD’s we are offering.
They are ready and available on my website.

Love Peter Lemongello

Take a click over to to visit Peter’s new site and, buy those CDs you’ve been wanting.

Feel free to post comments or questions here.
I’m sure I speak for all of us in wishing Peter and the Lemongello family a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.


Peter Lemongello: Now and Then

November 20, 2007



New YouTube video clip from Peter Lemongello: Now and Then.
Thanks Peter!


Lemongello Offerings

November 5, 2007

peter lemongello logo.jpg

Is it Love ’07?

Peter Lemongello’s music maybe spinning in your CD players before you know it. The once hard to find music will now be stocked and ready at the upcoming website. It isn’t ready yet, but make a note of it and pass it on.

Peter writes to his AllFunMusik fans:

First of all, let me say Thank You to everyone
who is expressing interest in me.

We are in the process of posting a new short video
we just completed to “youtube”.  We are also making a website and offering 5 CD’s on it.
The Original Love 76 2 albums
   (With several singles included)
The Do I Love You album
The “Best of Peter Lemongello 2001 CD
A brand New CD of Peter Lemongello Now.

These will be available when the website
is up and running on
so please keep an eye out for that.

Thank you all so much.
Love Peter

We’ll feature that video and the website as soon as they’re ready, so check back and listen to Peter on AllFunMusik Radio.

Lemongello’s Mood Rock Meets FunMusik

October 5, 2007


I got my copy of The Best of Peter Lemongello: 2001 : And the Greatest Hits of The Twentieth Century, so of course the first thing I did was add Do I Love You to the radio station (AllFunMusik Radio).

Classic meets current at AllFunMusik, whose motto has always been “Music can change your mood…“. So, Mood Rock definitely fits.

When the song plays between dance and pop hits, sit back, relax and collect your thoughts or sing along. A great voice. A great song. This might also be a good time to grab your partner and go for a slow spin. You might get lucky. This is getting lucky music!

I’ll change out the songs from time to time for variety. The CD has 13 songs; Lemongello hits mixed with Lemongello covers. Enjoy. You’ll be glad you listened.

Peter Lemongello : The Time is Now

September 21, 2007

You know… all the ‘crooners’ are just about gone. Peter Lemongello is still young and there’s a big spot to fill. The women still love him and who doesn’t like a New York Italian singing standards with a few new things thrown in. Peter Lemongello… this is it… your time is here (again). If you’re not sure, you could always do another infomercial.

I’m not an entertainer so I don’t know what happens when the music drifts away. No one booed Peter Lemongello off the stage. There weren’t horrible scandals surrounding him. His voice never left. It all just drifted away. Well, I say enough of that. There are fans and plenty more to be had. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, gone. Vic Damone, Al Martino, gone… gone. Who is left? Tony Bennett, maybe Englebert Humperdink, Wayne Newton. Not much at all. The guys that make the ladies swoon and make the men sing along are no more. People don’t sing in suits any more. Not because the people don’t wat to see it… because there aren’t any perfromers that can fill shoes like that. Or ARE there people like that? Yes. Peter Lemongello. He  can bring that pop standard style to a new generation.

Peter Lemongello… WHERE ARE YOU?

August 9, 2007


Let me know…

You played at my father-in-law’s restaurant, The Piermont in Closter, New Jersey (many years ago) so, my wife always says that she met you. We still have the 8-track you gave her, but unfortunately, no 8-track player. You were the first to sell a million records on TV and yet you don’t have a website today?

Whenever we don’t know who sang a song, the same answer is always shouted out… Peter Lemongello!

So, tell us where you are or where to buy a CD or I’m changing my answer to Gordon Lightfoot.