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Monkee Links

January 11, 2008

A few links to keep you in step and up to date with the Monkees.

The Monkees  

Davy Jones

Newest Music: Incredible Revisited

Peter Tork

Newest Music: Cambria Hotel

Mickey Dolenz

Mike Nesmith

Official Fan Club Site:


One of my favorite Monkees songs. Watch it.

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The Monkees and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

July 15, 2007


It’s not always the most popular thing to be a Monkees fan. Because The Monkees were contrived, auditioned and set in a television show, their music is somehow thought of as a lesser music.

They sang their own songs and eventually even played the instruments. They had some of the best songwriters of the day (Neil Diamond, Boyce & Hart, Carole King, to name a few). They were pioneers in music video. Ever see a music video before The Monkees? No. Their songs topped the charts where the #2 spot was worlds behind. They sold more records than the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined during their show. They introduced others into the music world, like Jimi Hendrix, for instance.