You Tube Music

My new favorite music comes from You Tube. There are so many talented people and many of them are getting quite popular online.

Some of the people I follow regularly:
1-King The Kid: They have a really great sound. They do their own music and the covers of others music is great. Ricky Ficcarelli, the drummer also does regular and fun VLOGs. That’s how I started following them. They are into their fans.

2-San Tsui: He has an original album and does a lot of covers. Great voice and a personality that draws you in. Graduating from Harvard doesn’t always mean you’re a businessman or lawyer.

3-Kurt Hugo Schneider: He’s a producer/director of several (including San Tsui) and plays… well, I lost count how many instruments. He has really great ideas for videos.

4-ATC: Against The Current: Chrissy is by far the cutest girl ever and her voice is fantastic and unique.

5-Alex Goot: Everyone must have heard of him by now. He’s kind of like the father of the new You Tube trend. Extremely popular and deservedly so.

6-The Vamps: UK group founded online. Lead singer Brad Simpson is young, but has a great voice, can pull of any song. The bandmates seem like best friends so they’re easy to watch and listen to.

7-The Wanted: OK, not typically a You Tube band, but watch WantedWednesdays. Makes them into real people and it’s just fun to watch.

You Tube is a great platform for talent, sure, but it’s a great platform for fans since the artists are so close with them. I was there when King The Kid started a year ago and I feel like I’m on the journey with them through their music and VLOGs. I think this is true for all the artists and their fans. Their more like extended friends.

Oh, right… keep an eye on Robby Word. He’s new. He’s 16 and has a very mature Harry Connick, Jr. type voice. Only a Christmas song so far, but there is sure to be a lot more coming from him.


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