Gonna Be This Or That (with Uptown Express)


Uptown Express has been keeping busy with live shows from Manhattan’s Metropolitan Room, to the fun and summery Asbury Park, to the quirky and friendly New Hope, PA.

The group was nominated for two of the prestigious MAC Awards this year for Vocal Group and Best Recording. Teeming with talent, New York City is a rough city to get noticed in. Uptown has singled themselves out as a premier act with many amazing reviews for both their live appearances and their CD “Take You There”.

The year started out with the death of group member David Gurland. David’s loss and memory fueled the group into continuing. Jaymes Hodges was brought into the group earlier in the year, not to replace David, but to bring something new. Jaymes is not, by any means, new to any of this. He has brought with him an extensive resume of experience. “Naked Boys Singing – The Movie” , and the CD, as the lead (yes, go Google it, we all did!), Guiding Light, Gossip Girl, Broadway, touring companies and more.

David will live on in his music, accomplishments and relationships.

Chris Caswell, John DePalma, Brad Parks, Jaymes Hodges and musical director, James Followell are continuing to raise Uptown Express to new heights.

I believe their future lies in the music choices of the next album. “Take You There” began a new mix of contemporary pop, music we loved as kids and want the next generation to hear and Manhattan’s own Cabaret, that will hopefully be taken further. These four are so comfortable to watch and listen to, it’s impossible to think of anything but great success.

If you haven’t seen them in person, here is a promo video from the group. I’m not sure I would say it showcases all you will see and feel from seeing them, but you can clearly see the wonderful interaction of the group and know that you’ll have a good time.

After watching, visit them on Facebook or the Uptown Express Website.



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