Feel the PULSE on 87.7

Sadly, this station is no more. You will be missed.

NYC Metro – this is for you.

Stuck on KTU as your drive time, lunch time and play time dance music?

Have you been dozing off lately at these times? KTU becoming a KT-Yawn?

Drag your radio dial all the way to the left and hit 87.7 the new Pulse Dance Radio. Your drive to the office will energize your day. One drive and you’ve dumped your current station and threw your CDs in the back seat.

Broadcasting as WNYZ FM from “that big blue building in Queens”, the signal isn’t as far reaching to the burbs as KTU’s in midtown, but if you’re into dance mixes of the hottest new music and some surprising ones, the quality of this station is worth it. (I recently heard Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall remixed. I had no idea it was possible!)

Once you get hooked, listen at your desk with the web radio player. Register, sign in, listen all day. www.pulse87.com

Your drive home gets you SHOWBOAT, the dancer/DJ/Asbury Park, NJ go to guy for music you can dance to.

From 7pm-12am ANDRE THE DREDOG takes over your night. For you Grand Theft Auto 3 fans out there Andre is the voice of RISE FM. So, if you want more RISE, go to PULSE!

Does the voice on the Old Navy commercials make you wonder who that girls is? Well, that’s PULSE girl JEWELZ LOPEZ, New York City’s hottest DJ.

The on air talent is great, but amazingly (to me anyway) they’ve got mixers like FRANKIE VAZQUEZ and MIKE RIZZO mixing for PULSE! These guys and the others are the hottest DJs around.

www.pulse87.com along with the online radio player has news, info on the personalities, ways to find those hard to find mix tracks, Pulse videos, online music request and yes… even a hook up page!

As a cherry on top, PULSE has a hot Brit doing the taglines and announcements. Just a bonus.

87.7 FM and www.pulse87.com – get there.

I’m MikeNJ on www.pulse87.com

Thanks to Travis for hookin’ me up with this station!



2 Responses to “Feel the PULSE on 87.7”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I would like to know why the station is no longer on fm…and were is the station know?

  2. san andreas game Says:

    new grand theft auto…

    […]Feel the PULSE on 87.7 « AllFunMusik[…]…

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