Jonas Brothers – MySpace: Songs We Can Agree On

jonas brothers myspace billboard

With FaceBook beginning to overshadow MySpace as the meet and greet destination, MySpace is becoming the definitive place where artists park their work. Everyone has a MySpace page to compliment their websites featuring music clips, videos and up to date concert and appearance information.

The good thing (I think) about MySpace is that not only big names have a presence. The small bands starting out have an equal audience share. MySpace is moving from friend builder to fan builder fast and the MySpaces powers that be recognize this and are pouring some money into advertising their new role in music.

The JoBros adorn the first ever outdoor advertising campaign for Myspace Music. The billboards appear in Both Times Square (above) and on the Sunset Strip. The Brothers don’t need the advertising, but MySpace was smart to use them to attract the millions of young people pushing and shoving their way into their fan base.

I feel a bit better thinking that the kids using MySpace are listening to music instead of listening to God-knows-who or what in chats. Formerly anti-MySpace, I say type in and have a good time! Start with


2 Responses to “Jonas Brothers – MySpace: Songs We Can Agree On”

  1. william Says:

    Myspace sucks the life out of members and communities, stop feeding Rupert money, he does not need it…and it is your content…Maybe the revenue model should put members and communities first….Myspace continues to follow their stale old act of creating large amounts of revenue on the backs of members and their content.

    myspace is easily worth at least a billion, and where is the value coming from other than members/the communities content and activities.

    How much ad revenue is myspace sharing with members that generate ad revenue for them ? Are they giving anything back to the community that has put them where they are ?

    I am technology consultant, and this summer I became so feed up with the share cropper mentality of sites like myspace that I decided to build an application that shares the wealth that is created with the community.

    We also have a stand alone ad service and we have a granular micro revenue sharing service that allows members to share their revenue with Friends, Groups, or Causes.

    And unlike myspace and the rest we will be releasing most of the service to the open source community because we know we are not the smartest guys in the room.

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