Drive Your Chevy To The Levy with Don McLean

Don McLean

Don McLean’s American Pie has a permanent place in American Pop Culture and an international ambassadorship for the U.S. American Pie is the musical equivelent of the Statue of Liberty. You never hear this song played without throngs of people screaming the lyrics.

Inspired by the death of Buddy Holly, but really autobiographical, the song tells of the evolution of popular music of the 50s into the 60s. The song came at a profound time for America. The death of John F. Kennedy would change the world. The release of the song also came at a changing time. In 1971, America was at odds over Vietnam and it needed an anthem. American Pie became that anthem. It remains today, forever relevant, forever moving, forever a cheer for and to the land of freedom.

A song like American Pie is a once in a lifetime chance for an artist. To forever travel with history as its Master of Ceremonies, its cheerleader, its voice of where we’ve been and where we could be. The modern-day Star Spangled Banner. The definitive song of opening your eyes to adulthood, responsibility and the very ownership of not only your own destiny, but your place in defining the destiny of those around you. We stand together and sing it; sober or drunk, we know the words. If your kids are talking to you, you sing over them. When the song plays, there is silence for only a moment or two as people stop and think and, then the common voice takes over. A remarkable song.

Of course American Pie overshadowed that album, but another great song would squeak out and make it’s way to the top… Vincent. This song was actually bigger in Europe than it was in America. The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has a copy of the sheet music along with Vincent’s own brushes buried beneath it in a time capsule. And, let’s face it… it is the main reason we know and cared about who Vincent VanGogh was. The song is hauntingly beautiful in its lyrics and arrangement.

American Pie – A live performance. The way he says people should sing along ‘if’ they know the words is something he didn’t have to add to his concerts after that.

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) – Also a live performance with a peek at the inspiration… Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over The Rhone


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