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Joshua Kadison – Jesse and More

April 10, 2008

Joshua Kadison
Joshua Kadison… in 1994 his song Jesse received a BMI award for most played song. So, you’ve heard it… you liked it. Sara Jessica Parker (Sex In The City) was it’s inspiration. His song from the same album Beautiful In My Eyes is heard internationally at almost every wedding you attend.

I thought of Jessie one day and remembered to download it from iTunes. When I think of a song, I need to hurry or I’ll forget at the first note of the next song I hear! I added Jesse to AllFunMusik Radio to remind others of what a good song it was despite it’s constant and, perhaps irritating airplay in the early 90s.

Most Played Song of a year is certainly an impressive achievement in the short term, but I think it’s a curse in the long run. It becomes almost impossible to live up to your own popularity. The good ones stand by their talents and continue creating. The really good ones are even more creative, relaxed and comfortable with their music, producing work that is true to themselves.

So, wondering what Joshua was up to now, I came across his website  It seems he’s kept very busy writing new songs and his voice is still fantastic. Perhaps even better with now, complete control over his music. He’s even written a book … “17 Ways To Eat A Mango”, come out as Gay and lopped off the Fabio-like locks. More importantly, his songs are thoughtful, his voice wonderful and oddly, his music is free from his website. Download mp3s galore, complete with lyrics, cover art.. the works. As for Painted Desert Serenade, you can find that at iTunes, ready to add to your 90s collection.

I guess Joshua Kadison is one of the really good ones.

His Return of the Dragonfly tour is Germany only at this point, so I don’t think a US concert is in our immediate future. Do visit his website and listen to some of his new music. It’s really worth it.

I’ve included a song from his website. Illuminated Soul by Joshua Kadison

Since you’ll be at his site listening to new stuff, I’m including the Jesse video here. You know you want to watch it. Don’t deny yourself.