Darren Hayes – The Tension and the Spark


 iTunes makes 2004’s The Tension And The Spark available this week.

Darren Hayes… the voice – beautiful. Undeniable.

The music… dark, futuristic and electronic. I’m a huge fan, so of course I bought it and, I’ve listened to it 75 times already, but i wasn’t crazy about it at first. It quickly grew on me, though. I can listen to it all the time and each time find a new song I really like a lot. It really snuck up on me.

Sense of Humor and Darkness were early favorites of mine and Dublin Sky quickly grew in. It’s kind of like getting a new song each day as each one clicks with me.

I’ve changed this post since I first wrote it… I must admit. The original post was good on the voice, not so great on the arrangements. I guess I must like the style or I wouldn’t listen as much. I never disliked it, mind you. Not at all. I do wish, though, that at some point, he’d try a slightly more acoustic album so I can hear his voice as the star of the song. Personally, I don’t think he needs anything backing him up, but I really do get it.

The album is really quite good and if you’re not jumping up and down on the first go -round, just wait. It will sneak up on you and move to the top of your list quickly.

For Darren’s thoughts on the songs from The Tension and the Spark, go HERE.

I’ve included a song from the album. Enjoy! Pop!ular by Darren Hayes

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4 Responses to “Darren Hayes – The Tension and the Spark”

  1. stone Says:

    Since when was a keyboard not considered an ‘instrument’?
    You obviously don’t appreciate the fact that this artist is light years away from the kind of music you enjoy. This album was groundbreaking and if you bothered to read any of the credible reviews it garnered you’d see your criticism stands alone.

  2. Mike Says:

    A keyboard is certainly an instrument.
    This guy isn’t light years away from what I like.. he IS what I like.
    Every person that buys an album has a credible review as does everyone that reads a blog.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Kate Says:

    Wow, so glad to hear your change of heart. I remember reading your original blog, and thinking this guy really needs to let this album get under his skin. Sounds like it’s done that. And it only gets better, believe me. I listened to TTATS in part every day for a year after its release, and even when I listen now, nearly 4 years on, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It is really something special, my favourite songs change all the time.

  4. e-hime Says:

    when i listened for first time the tension and the spark in my computer, i was like.. “omg, this is good”…. “omg, this one is gooood as well”… omg, i need to buy this album”.

    it had been so looong since i did not find a whole album so amazing.

    living in spain, i had had to order it via internet, BUT, my brother was in liverpool that week!!! so i sent him a sms, and he bought me both albums, spin and TTATS.

    and then, in july we have that delicate thing, which i really think it’s a masterpiece.

    and my blog here is called ehimeintothelight, so you can see how much i adore this wonderful artist, his music and his ideas.

    after the release of this delicate, i still think TTATS is an amazing album in its own. totally different, but utterly essential.

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