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Darren Hayes – Casey

January 26, 2008

Today’s release of the Casey video gives me an excuse to do another Darren Hayes post.  Casey is hand in hand for the top spot on my This Delicate Thing We’ve Made favorites list along with Listen All You People. The link to the YouTube video is below.


You can also watch the video HERE at Darren’s YouTube Space, or go over to and watch it there. Or, you can just listen to Casey at my other blog HERE.

Video production this time around by Damian Hale of onedotzero.

Photos from the This Delicate Thing We’ve Made digital cover.

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Monkee Links

January 11, 2008

A few links to keep you in step and up to date with the Monkees.

The Monkees  

Davy Jones

Newest Music: Incredible Revisited

Peter Tork

Newest Music: Cambria Hotel

Mickey Dolenz

Mike Nesmith

Official Fan Club Site:


One of my favorite Monkees songs. Watch it.

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January 4, 2008

New Jersey band, PAULSON. It’s got a ring to it.

Here’s their latest song Calling On You from the album All At Once. OK, there’s a giant tarantula, so that threw me a little. But he’s shopping, playing the guitar and dancing… oh and at the end he throws a bottle of Tarantula’s Choice Head and Thorax shampoo into his cart, so I guess he’s an OK spider that cares about his appearance.

Calling On You at YouTube

Official Site: PAULSON IS A BLOG
From Wikipedia: Paulson has a reputation for energetic and fun live shows.
So, they play All Fun Musik? Cool.