Peter Lemongello’s New Site

Dec 31, 6:38 PM
First, let me wish everyone the best New Year ever !
Thank you all for the interest in my new website and the new package of CD’s we are offering.
They are ready and available on my website.

Love Peter Lemongello

Take a click over to to visit Peter’s new site and, buy those CDs you’ve been wanting.

Feel free to post comments or questions here.
I’m sure I speak for all of us in wishing Peter and the Lemongello family a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.



14 Responses to “Peter Lemongello’s New Site”

  1. rockrgrl Says:

    Peter Lemongello Hi Happy New Year Great working with you hope to work with you again soon… visited your web site pretty classy
    if you have any questions about web or graphics call me Khym (drummer girl)

  2. Dave robushi Says:

    Looks great gonna purchase alot soon. You have got to get on Itunes many more will see you. Dave R.

  3. Gregg Brown Says:

    Dear Peter;
    Met you at Showboat in A.C. with my beautiful X wife Jeannette (between) 1991-1993. We are African American and I was (am) a true fan since the “Love” commercials. My 7th grade class even gave me the 2 album set for my birthday. I came to the AC show with vinyl records which you autographed.

    You invited us up to your suite with your family. You allowed us to attend the 2nd night concert AND to attend your birthday celebration that same evening. I got to know and chat with Mr. Ernest Peace who was the most gracious and warm in his representation of you. If the fans knew how simply nice, talent, dedicated, persevering and wonderful you are, they would deepen their embrace of you.

    I reside in Norman, Oklahoma now. Oklahoma City would be a VERY fertile place to bring you to perform. Great Diversity. You were in Bransome (sp).

    Your new website is excellent. Please reach out so that I may continue to support you, my dear Friend.



  4. Rosemary (Schlenkert)Lavenda Says:

    Hi Pete,
    Long time no see, ha, ha. I knew you back in 1968.
    You were great then. My ex husband and I went to see you in Manhattan and your wife played piano.
    We also saw you sing in the bowling alley lounge in Huntington Lanes. Remember, I believe Jimmy Ryan was manager there.
    We knew your brother Mikey becaue they use to bowl after the league.
    My ex was in the Aluminum Siding business and you had worked for him a couple of days but he said it was not for you and that you should be a singer, I guess the rest is history,ha, ha.
    We have been divorced since 1969.
    I have been living in Florida since 1974.
    I would love to come and see you in concert in March.
    You wonder where all the years have gone.ha, ha.
    I love to sing myself and have a Karaoke business that I have started.
    Anyway, hope to hear from you.
    Take care and God Bless.
    You sound better than ever.

    Rosemary Lavenda


    You’ve got a voice even smoother than Andy Williams and you’re as cool a cat as Bruce Lee.
    I love seeing see you man, you are inspiring.

  6. T&JA Says:

    Way …back….you were our neighbor in Babylon,ny. We are all growing up together…keep look just as good as us.

  7. Michael Says:

    Dear Peter, I Can’t Begin To Tell You How Amazed I Was To See You Have A Website. I Was Only 7 Years Old When I Was Introduced To Your Music. I Have Been A Fan For All These Years. It’s Just Something About Your Voice That Has Captivated Me For All These Years, I’m Now 38 & Still Love Your Music & Voice. You Hold A Very Specail Part In My Heart. My Mom Was The One That Intoduced Me To Your Music, Unfortunately She Is No Longer With Us, But I Have Great Memories Of Me & Her Listening To Your Records. I Still Have The Lp’s “Do I Love You” & “Love 76” That I Will Never Ever Get Rid Of. Hope To Get The Chance To See You Perform One Day, Would Realy Mean A Whole Lot. A Fan For Life. Michael Harkins

  8. Peter Lemongello Says:

    Dear Michael,
    I was touched by your comments.
    Very sorry to hear you lost your
    mother. I lost mine so I know
    what that is like. I’m sure she was
    very proud of you. Keep looking at
    my website as it will
    show you where I will be performing. Maybe
    you can make one of the shows and we can
    meet. I would like that. Thank you again
    for being a fan. Regards, Peter Lemongello

  9. Michael Says:

    Hi Peter…
    Wow, I Was Really Pleased To Have Recieved A Response Back From You… That Means Alot To Me. I Would So Love To Have The Chance To Meet With You And To Say Hello. I Live In Brooklyn, NY So I’m Willing To Travel To See You Perform. Thank You For Your Kinds Thoughts About My Mom. Once Again, I’m So Happy To See That You Still Perform & Are Still Goping Strong. Hope We Do Get That Chance To Me One Day. All The Best To You. Regards, Michael Harkins

  10. Joanne Popowick Says:

    Dear Peter,
    You and I know each other a long time,I called you at the villa roma {ny} hotel and you sent me a tape and picture,i was producing a benefit at the time,then We became pen pals sort of, i had moved to fl in 1994 and we continued to write each other and you sent me a post card from italy,i still have it.
    Now i need to get ahold of you again my dear friend, my sister anne is sick with sarcoidios,it’s not good.
    I still have everyone of the letters you sent me and i remembered when you called me to say”hello”,I still think of you and miss hearing your voice, ok how can i send a money order for a new cd?my email is, write me joanne formerly bay shore ny
    ps you use to live not to far from me.

  11. Lori Ann Vendetti Says:

    I am obsessed with Peter Lemongello!! I just recently re-found him after 30 years and have bought all his CD’s from his web site and have been listening to them non stop. I love Peter’s voice and I am so sorry I lost touch with what he was doing over the years, but I am sure making up for lost time! It still amazes me how someone with such a masterful voice faded away so early on. He should have had number one hits, his voice is THAT good. I keep listening to him sing “The Impossible Dream” over and over and I cannot beleive how good he sings that song, OMG!! I will be in Florida in a few months visiting and I hope I get a chance to see him perform, it would be the highlight of my year!! I love you Peter!! 🙂

  12. Joe Magnetico Says:

    Peter, as a heads up your website is not working properly the links are broken. Have your website administrator take care of that. Your fans cannot be denied anymore. I previously posted you should look into performing in Myrtle Beach. There is an audience for your music there for sure. I tried contacting your agent through info on the web but Barbara told me that they no longer represent you. Do you have representation? If not maybe we should talk. I have many contacts in the business. I also suggest getting up on My Space and Facebook. Both great sites for music. As always “keep the music playing”.

  13. Gerard Fallon Says:

    I got most of your music,but can you tell me why your cd Love 76 is an album transfed on to a cd

  14. Vinnie Terranova Says:

    Peter Lemongello is back with a new recording! I came across this and it looks like it was just released within the week. He re-recorded his song “Can’t Get Enough Of You Girl” with an independent artist named Jimmy Michaels, and Peter still sounds just as great today!! Check it out :

    I actually broke down and bought the whole album after hearing Peter’s tune, and the other stuff isn’t bad..very retro sounding. Highly recomended.

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