New Musik: Ella



From singing with aborigines in her native New Zealand as a young child, to recently touring with Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Cece Winans and Darwin Hobbs, Ella has wowed thousands of fans with her electrifying stage presence in cities around the world. Cutting tracks for Sixpence None The Richer, LeAnn Rimes and Code of Ethics  has shaped Ella into a diverse and passionate vocalist. With a 3 octave vocal range, amazing control and astonishing inflection her voice leaves a memorable impression on listeners. In addition to her vocals, Ella has a unique image that can only be described as elegant, exquisite and rich. A true fashionista at heart, Ella’s style prowess is evidenced by her display of wardrobes including legendary designers such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney 

Making her debut in early 2006, Ella quickly rose up the charts with her first single “Forever Young”.  By May of that same year her single was the #1 Pop download at the online digital retailer Peer Impact, but her success did not end there.  Throughout the rest of 2006, Ella continued to climb Record Pool charts all across America, inking a myriad of licensing deals along the way as well.  Currently “Forever Young” is featured in Konami’s best selling Dance Dance Revolution series of games, as well as compilations in Austria, the US and other territories.

After the significant success she experienced in 2006, Ella is back with a follow up single to her smash “Forever Young”.  This time around she has chosen the late 90’s hit “Missing”, but in true Ella fashion she has made this song her own!  With this single already impacting clubs and radio, Ella has decided to show her legions of loyal fans a darker side of her personality, embracing the beautifully melancholy mood of the song to create something that is truly incredible. It’s no wonder why Ella has made an early debut on the international Global Dance Traxx Chart with a position that continues to rise.  Employing the help of legendary Dance producers Ian D’Souza, Stephen Singer and Daniel Winter, “Missing” combines Ella’s contemplative vocal with ethereal synths and a gritty, driving bassline, leaving an indelible mark on every listener.

“A talented artist, an amazing image, and a great personality, Ella has the whole package and is sure to be a staple in music for years to come”.  – Ian D’Souza, Producer

AllFunMusik Radio features Ella’s newest track Missing. Listen and don’t forget to vote.


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