Hang Around – Gregory Douglass

Hey! Who is this guy? He’s good.

Vermont-based Gregory Douglass appeared out of nowhere on Logo’s New Now Next  Music with Hang Around . I like it. Let’s keep an eye on him.

Douglass, only 25 has 5 CDs already under his belt. Critically acclaimed CDs, not to mention awards. How did I miss him? He has a large enough fan base that he was able to finance CD productions solely through fans pre-ordering and through fan donations to his website.

The press is rivaling his voice/style with Rufus Wainwright. That, of course piqued my interest being a devout Wainwright fanatic myself.

Off to buy Up & Away and Retro Active: Volume 1 on iTunes now. Let’s help his ‘grassroots campaign’, but let’s not compare him to Rufus any more.

Here’s the Logo video link. Let me know what you think.

Then, head over to his website at http://www.gregorydouglass.com and become a Greg Head.

AllFunMusik Radio is proud to feature Hang Around in its lineup starting … NOW.

Update: OK, I get the Rufus Wainwright thing. There is one song in particular on the album that I thought WAS Rufus Wainwright! Love the CD. Please check it out.

Gregory Douglass Street Team 2007 Newsletter

Play my favorite track from Up & Away HERE


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