Darren Hayes – When We Were Amazing


On the day of the release of This Delicate Thing We’ve Made, while waiting to buy the double CD on iTunes, I read a review that called the album a “masterpiece”. I thought.. ‘oh come on’. Masterpiece is an awfully strong word.

Now, I worry that the laser on the CD player in my car just HAS to burn through to the ground at some point. I can’t take it out. This isn’t the VERGE of something wonderful, it’s dead on wonderful. I will say though, that I did have a minor complaint about the phaser sounds on Listen All You People (my favorite song – I think), I was listening to the CD one day (in the car) and I actually started to pull over because I thought something was wrong with the car. The sounds hit me strangely sometimes. OK, I’m a tard.

The music contained on these CDs is so good, I sometimes feel like I should send Darren more money.

I saw a video on YouTube of the Brisbane concert and Casey (my other favorite song). At the instrumental section toward the end, out comes a giant oragami crane with Hayes standing on top; the lights above moving as if the bird was in flight and he proceeded with the end of the song. Way cool. I got the whole paper crane thing now.

The video, by hubby Richard Cullen, that introduces the paper crane is Who Would Have Thought and I’ve included it here. I’ve also included instructions to make your own paper crane.

Click on the pic

If Darren ever needs to go back to a time when he was amazing, he could always go back to now. That spot is safe for him, because This Delicate Thing We’ve Made is truly amazing.

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5 Responses to “Darren Hayes – When We Were Amazing”

  1. Kate Says:

    I so agree with you about this album. All these months later and I’m still playing it all the time. I love your comment about wanting to send Darren more money, very funny, and totally understanding.

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