Peter Lemongello: Now and Then



New YouTube video clip from Peter Lemongello: Now and Then.
Thanks Peter!



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  1. Lemongello: Now and Then « Never Write It Down ! Says:

    […] the YouTube video clip from Peter Lemongello at AllFunMusik. The photo (taken from the video) is the Now. […]

  2. Jo POPOWICK Says:

    Peter! Man,you still look good, thanksfor the trailer,I want the dvd as well.You sang”please release me”better then ya know who,i personally like your rendition better.Also portrait of my love, ebautiful.I can’t wait to see this dvd, what memories. love joanne

  3. Dave Robushi Says:

    Still sounds great
    Keep me posted Thanks for posting Dave Robushi
    drobushi at yahoo dot com. Rick Singer your bodygaurds son.
    (I changed your email address so you don’t get bombarded with spam. -Mike)

  4. Peter Lemongello Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to set the record straight. The new
    video you are seeing “Now and Then” we made to put
    in front of the original video so that people will
    see me NOW as opposed to just THEN. It is not
    planned for sale. We are planning to offer all
    of my Albums in CD form on my new Website (Peter which will be on-line within a
    few weeks, maybe sooner. It will offer the Love
    76 albums (2) in one CD. Do I Love You, The Best
    of Peter Lemongello 2001, and the newest one
    Peter Lemongello Now, which is not quite finished.
    The Last One will have a Bonus of 4 Singles I did
    during my “Epic” Days, and the first singles I ever did as well. There will also be a “Package
    Deal” arrangement for people to buy all the
    CD’s I’ve recorded at one lower package price.
    I’ve been asked for so long to offer the original
    albums and to record new ones, so this will be
    for all of you who have remained loyal and asked
    for them. Sure hope you like them and that they
    bring back some great LOVE MEMORIES FOR YOU.
    All my best and appreication. Peter Lemongello

  5. Mike Says:

    Oh. I could have sworn I saw “DVD” somewhere. Editorial License on the post? Wishful thinking? Guilting you into making a DVD? I fixed it. -Mike

  6. Susan A Says:

    “GREAT LOVE MEMORIES”… indeed!!!


  7. Jackie Says:

    Your songs make me feel 16 again and that’s not an easy task. Thanks for the great songs. I’ll be one of the first to buy the CDs when they come out.

  8. Jo POPOWICK Says:

    Pter,I will preobley get the deal,If it means i have my album love songs 76 and teh others forever on cd, then I wll.I can’t wait, you look and sound great.I miss you and hope to see you when I come down to fl, the sunbealt again soon.
    Lol gotta ask,Is there ever gonna be “Peter Lemongello” t shirts available ? hugs joanne

  9. Gail Says:

    Please let me know when the “Package Deal” of all your CD’s will be available and where I can purchase it.

  10. Gail Bertelsen Vendetti Says:

    Just checking in.
    Great job putting the video together.
    Nice Touch!

  11. Peter Lemongello Says:

    First, let me wish everyone the
    best New Year ever !
    Thank you all for the interest in
    my new website and the new package
    of CD’s we are offering. They are
    ready and available on my website.
    Love Peter Lemongello

  12. Lawrence Capici Says:

    My friends and I think you are great.
    Saw you at Lincoln Center in April of77 I believe.
    I still got the program in a plastic.
    Your music moved the 70’s and your style and talent is still close to our hearts.
    Keep me posted and I will notify all my friends.
    We were all a group of fans.
    You still got it Peter.
    Take over where Sinatra left off!

  13. sara Says:

    Hey Peter do you remeber the pickle fight in the diner near Kings Plaza, Brooklyn? I made sure that I went to as many performances of yours as possible. I used to take my daugher Dawn with me so that my husband wouldn’t be too jealous. I have many pictures that we took to gether. I would love to see you again.
    Love Ya

  14. Jodi "Engan" Says:

    Hi Peter
    I heard your name mentioned on a show called Cash Cab on the Discovery channel.
    My dad, Ralph Engan, PBA, was a friend of Mike’s. Brought back many memories of those bowling years.
    Glad to see you are doing great & please give my regards to your brother.
    Take care——-Jodi

  15. Bob Dorski Says:

    Hi Peter, I remember seeing you perform at “The Steak Pit” on Rt # 4 in Paramus NJ in the very early 1970’s. I knew your uncle Tommy and I used to bowl with your brother Mike. (Hi Jodi Engan, I knew and bowled with your father Ralph ) Glad to see you are doing ok Peter. I hope to hear that you will be performing on the west coast of Florida. (I am in Naples Florida now.)

  16. Lori Ann Vendetti Says:

    Well, I am so happy that I re-found Peter Lemongello! I truly love this man’s voice and I could kick myself in the “you know what” for losing touch with what he was doing for all these years! IT WAS MY LOSS, NOT BEING ABLE TO LISTEN TO HIM THROUGH THE YEARS! But I am making up for lost time now! 🙂 I just bought all of his CD’s off his web site and love listening to them! I listen to them at work, in the car and even put them on my IPod! I am hoping to catch one of his performances when I am in Florida in January and February 2009, I am praying that he will be performing when I am down there, so I will keep checking his web site! I am so glad that blogs like this are around for us to express ourselves and I am also glad that there are people out there that truly still appreciate what a masterful voice Peter has!!

    • John Johnson Says:

      You probably do not recall me but I am the son of Bea Engan, formerly Johnson, who married your grandfather about a million years ago. I live in Las Vegas now. Was just looking up your dad’s credits on the PBA and saw your comment.
      I do not think you’ll ever see this asyou probably won’t be looking at these pages again. BUT, if you do, and you’d like to say HI, you can e-mail me at

      Mom passed away in 2002. You grandfather and my Mom liked each other pretty much and used to bowl together in mixed tournaments.
      I kn ow she wasn’t you real grandma, but like I said, they got aolong pretty good.

      Yours Truly,
      John Johnson

  17. car jacks Says:

    I have to say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  18. Joe Magnetico Says:

    Peter, finally see you’re performing again. Last I was able to google you Branson was your home base. Super to see the old albums and new material up for sale on CD. I got them all! Now I won’t have to drag my turntable around with me. LOL
    Maybe you can get your agent to book you into Myrtle Beach. I know you’re an avid golfer. The Alabama Theatre would be a great venue for you. Especially the demographics of that area is perfect for your talents. Glad to hear all is well.
    I still remember when we sang together at the Garden City Hotel on Long Island. You pulled me from the audience for a duet of “New York, New York” After the show I met your rep who at the time was a very nice lady.
    Timing as you know is everything guys like Buble should only know the struggles you had getting started in the business. As always best of luck.

  19. SUSAN SHANE Says:

    Hi Pete…
    Last time I saw you was backstage in the end of summer Raleigh Show. The only words I ever said to you were hullo!! I guess I was a bit intimidated back then.
    Hope we can all get together for dinner with our spouses.
    Take care.


  20. Joe Magnetico Says:

    For those interested Peter will be launching a new Myspace music site and he’d be thrilled if you become a friend on myspace. Just do a search on myspace for Peter Lemongello and become a friend. Peter will be announcing appearances and other information very soon.

  21. Gerianne Bruce Says:

    I don’t know why, but your name popped into my mind last night and I went to the computer this morning. Loved your music in the 70’s I think I wore thru the album playing it over and over.

    I married, lived in Europe for several years and raised 4 children, an, I guess put the “romantic” side of me away.

    Hearing “Do I Love You” this morning made me smile.

    Now I’ll get the CD.

    Thanks for great memories

    PS – not trying to sound dated but most music today, with a few exceptions, is drivel!

    • Peter Lemongello Says:

      Gerianne, thanks for the kind words. I’m working on doing some public appearances as well as new material. IF you’re inclined join me on MySpace music and Facebook.
      Enjoy the music.

  22. Millie Vargas Says:

    Unbelievable! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was goggling. You were and still are incredibly handsome. My Lord! Those eyes…I remember seeing your commercial and ordering the album “do I love you” omg and paying for it cod those were the days lol. I was brought back to my home where I grew up in Bklyn, NY I was 15 years old. I hope you tour in Florida because i will be front row center. Your songs still brought tears to my eyes…..thanks for the memories. Millie in Orlando. Oh and if you still dont get what I am saying…YOU WERE SO DAMN FINE!

  23. עיצוב וילונות Says:

    עיצוב וילונות…

    […]Peter Lemongello: Now and Then « AllFunMusik[…]…

  24. website Says:

    Im having a teeny issue. I cant get my reader to pickup your feed, Im using aol reader by the way.

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