Peter Lemongello : The Time is Now

You know… all the ‘crooners’ are just about gone. Peter Lemongello is still young and there’s a big spot to fill. The women still love him and who doesn’t like a New York Italian singing standards with a few new things thrown in. Peter Lemongello… this is it… your time is here (again). If you’re not sure, you could always do another infomercial.

I’m not an entertainer so I don’t know what happens when the music drifts away. No one booed Peter Lemongello off the stage. There weren’t horrible scandals surrounding him. His voice never left. It all just drifted away. Well, I say enough of that. There are fans and plenty more to be had. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, gone. Vic Damone, Al Martino, gone… gone. Who is left? Tony Bennett, maybe Englebert Humperdink, Wayne Newton. Not much at all. The guys that make the ladies swoon and make the men sing along are no more. People don’t sing in suits any more. Not because the people don’t wat to see it… because there aren’t any perfromers that can fill shoes like that. Or ARE there people like that? Yes. Peter Lemongello. He  can bring that pop standard style to a new generation.

I’m a small blog. I can’t make him popular. I do know that it’s hard to find information or works out there. Maybe this will inspire someone to put a little out there which will inspire someone else. Leave a comment and maybe the right person will see it.

Here’s the first Lemongello post.

Here, another YouTube video from TattooedGQ shows a clip from The Peter Lemongello Story. He has an interesting collection. Stop by YouTube and search on TattooedGQ for more and to keep up to date.

Be careful of the video. It’s a little on the loud side.


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27 Responses to “Peter Lemongello : The Time is Now”

  1. Nick Riggio Says:

    Peter is not and never will be another TONY BENNETT.

  2. neverwriteitdown Says:

    No people comparisons were made or intended. Genre comparison only. The other comparison I tried not to spell out was that everyone is gone and Mr. Bennett is living on borrowed time. One Tony Bennett is plenty… I wasn’t asking for another one. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Peter Lemongello Says:

    Thank you. Whoever you are. This is Peter Lemongello and I appreciate all you said. If you send me your address I will send you my lastest CD as a gift for being so nice. Lastly. I’m nothing like Tony Bennett, never have been. He’s great, but my style is totally different. Don’t think Bennett ever sang MOOD ROCK…..

  4. anna valentino Says:

    We still listen to Peter sing, and we still love him. Can’t wait for a new CD from him. Hurry Peter!!!

  5. jim davenport Says:

    Apparently my comment on Peter Lemongello with for the benefit of Clay. Still no problem, however they were meant for Pete.


  6. jim davenport Says:

    One of the smoothest singers since Sinatra. Its a shame more folks don’t know of him and support him. Haven’t seen him since Branson in the 90’s, but hopefully he’s still crooning.
    Anyone know where he is?

    (I moved your post for you. -Mike)

  7. Gail Bertelsen Vendetti Says:

    The most wonderful experience was seeing & hearing Peter sing in a club in Wildwood 30 years ago. I got hooked. My Mother & I stayed in Wildwood another couple of days just to go to the show over & over!
    He’s a showman with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. I put him up their with ELVIS! His show in Branson was awsome. He mesmerized the entire audience. He pours his heart out with every note he sings. He truly is the “KING OF HEARTS”! Love ya Peter
    Always Gail

  8. Susan A Says:

    Peter was amazing! Saw him at Lincoln Center and fell in love… followed him from club to club for years! Can’t believe the flood of emotions that I’m feeling right now from just seeing and hearing this video… thanks so much for posting it! Peter, if you’re seeing this, hope you’re well and happy. Love You… always will. Susan : )
    PS, I’m

  9. Mike Says:

    Thanks for all your comments. It’s nice to see such warm comments and thoughts for Peter. The three posts on him are among the most hit by Web searches on the site. His song “Do I Love You” is one of the highest rated on the AllFunMusik radio station. The Web allows us to let him know that thousands are looking for him and a few are nice enough to take the time to share a memory and say hello.
    Keep the comments coming. They don’t fall on deaf ears.
    Mike @ AllFunMusik

  10. Peter Lemongello Says:

    First of all, let me say Thank You to everyone
    who is expressing interest in me.

    We are in the process of posting a new short video
    we just completed to “youtube”. We are also making a website and offering 5 CD’s on it.
    The Original Love 76 2 albums
    (With several singles included)
    The Do I Love You album
    The “Best of Peter Lemongello 2001 CD
    A brand New CD of Peter Lemongello Now.

    These will be available when the website
    is up and running on
    so please keep an eye out for that.
    Again. Thank you all so much. Love Peter

  11. Billy Says:

    Looking forward to the website. Hope it will be up before the holidays and will have some DVDs available also. Thanks.

  12. joanne Says:

    I am starting a Peter Lemongello Fan site on yahoo sometime today and then one on msn soon,This way i can pay honor to my friend and also fans like we all can post and talk about peter Lemongello and his music.I wish there was a place we could get him nominated into to be honored for all his music, joy and showmenship he has brought to people over the yrs,if someone thinks of something let me know.
    Peter, when the web site is up, let us know so I can take a peek, also where can I get the new dvd and cd?
    I have seen the videos on you tube and they brought back memeories, i rememebr merv griffins show, dinah,i was youn but do rememebr seeing peter one tv alot back then and although he and I are very good friends, we have something in common we both came from long island, i in bay shore, epter in n. babylon.
    It’s nice to have a forum to write about peter.

  13. John Says:

    Ok I guess I’ll put my 2 cents in here. To the people that were saying that there are no crooners left. There are plenty. We just cant get recording contracts. The music industry is fickle and jumps from one bandwagon to the next. Whatever is hot at the moment they will copy it to death untill the next hot thing comes along. So without mentioning any names of todays rediculously talentless acts, let me just say that for better part of the last 20 years I was a professional singer. Heavily influenced by the likes of Engelbert, Tom Jones, Gino Vanelli, Elvis, and yes Peter Lemongello. I even re-recorded “Do I Love You”(written by Paul Anka)Petes a fabulous singer. (I met his Aunt btw in south florida a few years back while doing a luncheon for a womens group)As a matter of fact Peter himself had performed for this same group the two previous years before I got the gig. I was amazingly flattered that they wanted to hire me.

    Now back to the fickle music industry let me say this…if I knew 20 years ago what I know today, I would have never bothered to develope my voice. I would have simply shaved my head, tattooed my eyeballs and called it an act! They are simply not interested in signing good looking, white, mature, hetero males who can actually sing. Luckly Peter still has a name and will probably make a comeback…I hope so. Maybe the pendulum is starting to swing back in this direction again? With the likes of Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and a few others this style has got a good shot. John Michael JohnMsings@YHO

  14. Peter Lemongello Says:

    Thank you for the comments and good
    wishes. I would enjoy hearing your
    version of “DO I LOVE YOU” very much.
    Send me a copy: MOSIACO RECORDS LLC
    5467 NW 120TH AVENUE
    Now, let me just say that you should
    pursue your dream to perform regardless
    of the times, the trends and or whomever
    gets luckier than you. If it’s in the
    cards, you’ll get your shot. If not, you
    had a lot of fun trying and I’m sure, made
    a lot of people happy with your talent.
    All the best. Peter Lemongello

  15. Lori Says:

    I just re-found Peter Lemongello and I agree so much with this site! Peter is the last of the great ole crooners!! I just bought all his CD’s recently from his website and enjoying listening to his voice so much!! I am so sorry I lost touch over the past 30 years, I would have loved to have been listening to him all those years! I cannot wait to go see him perform this winter in Florida!! I listen to him at work, on my Ipod and in the car! I can’t get enough of PETER LEMONGELLO!!!

    • Pam Says:

      Hi Lori
      I’m also a fan of Peter Lemongello that I too discovered him again after 30 yrs. I just saw him in NYC at Feinsteins. He was fabulous and I was fortunate to meet him after the show. He sent cupcakes to our table, thinking it was my birthday !!!
      Such a class act. His voice is smooth as glass still.
      Does Peter have a fan club? I’d like to know.
      All the best, Pam

  16. SUSAN SHANE Says:

    Hi Pete!
    My husband is Mike Shane from Alan & Shane. He tells me that you come into the store all the time. I remember you from the days of the Raleigh hotel at the end of summer entertainers bash. Mike says you look great. Perhaps we (Larry, Mike & I) can meet with you and your lovely wife for dinner one evening. All the best.
    Susan Shane

  17. Joe Magnetico Says:

    Peter will hopefully be performing soon in the New York area as well as Myrtle Beach. We’ve just pimped out Peter’s My Space Music page and I’m sure Peter would be thrilled with some Friend requests. Get in on all the news first about his appearances by becoming a friend. Go to

  18. Jack 3d Says:

    What’s up, I just found this blog – thank you for writing. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not showing up correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Storm). Either way, I am now subscribed to the RSS feed on my laptop, so thank you!

  19. Millie Geraghty-Vargas Says:

    I want to say “ditto” to all those fans out there. When I was fifteen I saw his commercial and ordered the album. My brothers (5) of them teased me for years, even recently one of them said remember when Millie ordered…(they thought Peter was fake) I didn’t care I thought he was FINE!I smiled as growing up with 5 brothers I couldn’t get off the block in Brooklyn let alone go to a concert. But…I fell in love. When I googled him and saw his videos and listened to “Do I love you” and “Can’t get you off my mind” I was brought to tears, and lo and behold my daughter knew I had a teenage crush on him and Elvis. She just handed me two tickets to see PETER LEMONGELLO, live at the Stuart Theatre and I feel fifteen again. I am excited beyond words. Peter, if you are reading this I am giddy. Yeah I said it giddy. I can’t wait until next week, even taking two days off from work as I am driving from Orlando to Stuart. LOVED YOU WHEN I WAS FIFTEEN AND SURE I’M GOING TO LOVE YOU IN TWO WEEKS. Thank you for making me smile again…it’s been a long time. See ya when I get there!
    DO I LOVE YOU, YES IN EVERY WAY! Millie V. from Orlando

  20. Serefine Hansen Says:

    I first saw Peter in 1968 or 69 at the MDA Telethon and I fell in love. I try to get to as many of his shows as possible.Peter is the King of Hearts ……he has a golden voice and eyes to die for. He has one of the best personalities I’ve ever encountered. He loves his fans and we love him. “Do I Love You”……you bet I do.

  21. Millie Vargas Says:

    I first saw Peter when I was a fourteen years old. I had such a crush. Then about 3 decades later I found out he was still performing and I was 14 again. I met him when I attended one of his shows in Stuart last year and he was one of the nicest, sincere entertainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was honored to have met not only Peter Lemongello, but his lovely wife, Karen and his son Peter Jr., DO I LOVE YOU? DON’T YOU KNOOOOW BY NOW….ABSOLUTELY!

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