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Justin Timberlake : Futuresex/Loveshow

September 30, 2007


I was a big N*Sync fan. Me and millions of adolescent girls.

They were a guilty pleasure, like music was in the 60s and 70s… listening just for fun.

I guess I went along with all the baloney that they broke up because JT got all full of himself and thought he was too good. Later, I didn’t listen because I went along with the ‘trying too hard to be black’ thing.

That was bad because you just don’t ‘try’ to be Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Tina Turner or Smokey Robinson. You are or you aren’t and that full of himself kid from N*Sync wasn’t.

One day, I heard ‘Sexy Back’ and really liked it. He wasn’t trying to be anything, he was just singing a fun song and it seemed like he was having fun doing it. Well, I started paying more attention. Not to the gossip, like before, but to the music. He’s really talented. Both as a singer and as a performer.

Tonight, I caught the concert at Madison Square Garden on HBO and, wow. Not only was the music good, but he seemed like he was genuinely having a good time up there. Not working… having fun. That comes out in the music. You can tell who is singing for money and fame, and who is singing for love and fun.



Peter Lemongello : The Time is Now

September 21, 2007

You know… all the ‘crooners’ are just about gone. Peter Lemongello is still young and there’s a big spot to fill. The women still love him and who doesn’t like a New York Italian singing standards with a few new things thrown in. Peter Lemongello… this is it… your time is here (again). If you’re not sure, you could always do another infomercial.

I’m not an entertainer so I don’t know what happens when the music drifts away. No one booed Peter Lemongello off the stage. There weren’t horrible scandals surrounding him. His voice never left. It all just drifted away. Well, I say enough of that. There are fans and plenty more to be had. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, gone. Vic Damone, Al Martino, gone… gone. Who is left? Tony Bennett, maybe Englebert Humperdink, Wayne Newton. Not much at all. The guys that make the ladies swoon and make the men sing along are no more. People don’t sing in suits any more. Not because the people don’t wat to see it… because there aren’t any perfromers that can fill shoes like that. Or ARE there people like that? Yes. Peter Lemongello. He  can bring that pop standard style to a new generation.

Rex Smith: An Original Idol

September 13, 2007

rexsmithteenbeat.jpgRex Smith is getting out there making the old seem new again. It seems he’s taking a break from real estate and has joined the Original Idols Tour. His first show was in Las Vegas during Labor Day weekend and there are events popping up around the country. He’ll be at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville in October and then in Palm Springs, California in December. Hopefully, they’ll add more shows. Maybe he’ll get hooked and perform steadily. He has such a great voice. I’d like to see it back. This may be the trigger for something new. (but no reality shows!)

Another AFM favorite, Tony DeFranco will perform at the Original Idols events, too. Others are, Danny Bonaduce (Danny Partridge), Barry Williams (Greg Brady),  the Cowsills (Walk Away Renee), The Bay City Rollers (S-A-T-U-R… ok), and Leif Garrett. I have a feeling that Rex Smith will be the highlight of that group.

So, let’s get one of those concerts in or near New York.