Beating a Dead Horse

August 27th marks the debut of the new Backstreet Boys song Inconsolable from what will be their sixth album.


OK, admitedly, I liked the BSB in their prime and I still like some of that music today. I had a small kid that liked them and I got sucked in, OK?!?! Apparently they’re back and much to my surprise have been back before with an album in 2005. I never even heard of it. Anyway… the difference with album 6 is that they’re going back to being the Backstreet Boys with poppy, dance songs. Not trying to prove they’ve grown up. That’s good. It’s always embarrassing when someone popular tries to represent themselves outside their talent. (List too long to mention.)

The little catch is that there are only 4 of them now. Kevin Richardson has bowed out. This photo from the BSB website illustrates it. Hopefully they don’t do anything further with Kevin’s sneakers. I get it. Oh, and n*Sync… don’t get any ideas. We don’t want to see Timberlake’s sneakers on puppet strings.


I’m going to have to take a listen to this new album. I hope it’s good and I hope they figure out how to be successful as a man-band. It seems like a tough go to me, but I hope they pull it off.

The yet to be named album releases October 30th. You can listen to Inconsolable on . Good or bad, the song sounds like the Backstreet Boys. Good for die hard fans, but the band needs to win new fans with a style popular 10 years ago. I’m not worried about me liking it (I probably will), I’m worried about all the people that think of them as a ‘boy band’ and won’t give it a chance. Hopefully, for them they will find that Backstreet’s Back! And, yes… my son has grown up and I’ll still be first in line to buy the CD. So what?!

Update 10/12/07: Inconsolable has been added to the line-up on AllFunMusik Radio.


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2 Responses to “Beating a Dead Horse”

  1. Marietta Says:

    I may have expanded my musical tastes to include many, many other artists and genres over the years, but I STILL have a place in my heart for the Backstreet Boys. After selling over 70 million CDs worldwide, I don’t think they have to apologize or make excuses for their sound. I love their harmonies-THAT never goes out of style. THere is plenty of room for them as far as I’m concerned. Creepy would be if the medianaged 30ish manband slinked around to hiphop/urban R&B beat songs (think Justin Timberland-that’s creepy to me).

  2. neverwriteitdown Says:

    Duly noted. I’m a Backstreet Boys fan. ‘Creepy’ for them in trying to get back out there after being a ‘boy band’. Reworded. You and I aren’t the people they need to worry about, though. Selling themselves in today’s market to new people will not be as easy. An artist never needs to apologize for his/their sound. That’s what art means. Unfortunately, to sell their art they need to be aware of their market. That’s exactly what the BSB said they tried to do with this album. They said it, I didn’t.
    Thanks for the comment.

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