Peter Lemongello… WHERE ARE YOU?


Let me know…

You played at my father-in-law’s restaurant, The Piermont in Closter, New Jersey (many years ago) so, my wife always says that she met you. We still have the 8-track you gave her, but unfortunately, no 8-track player. You were the first to sell a million records on TV and yet you don’t have a website today?

Whenever we don’t know who sang a song, the same answer is always shouted out… Peter Lemongello!

So, tell us where you are or where to buy a CD or I’m changing my answer to Gordon Lightfoot.


There’s not a real lot out there on Peter. The mastermind of marketing isn’t marketing himself. He needs to get his name out there more. I’ll do my part, but with no new info, it isn’t easy. *hint*
Hey, Rex Smith is selling CDs out of the Philippines, (I know, I bought one). Come on… I’ll advertise.


Time Magazine article from 1976 from the time of Love 76.

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Update: The hits on this post have far exceeded any other on the site. Here’s a Lemongello commercial for Love 76. Thanks to Nat for reminding me to look on YouTube and thanks to TattooedGQ for posting this on YouTube.


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20 Responses to “Peter Lemongello… WHERE ARE YOU?”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Hi, Saw the question you had posted about Peter Lemongello. Yes he has a CD out at this time, and a new one in a few months. The one that is available now is “The Best of Peter Lemongello” and it is $15.00- You can write to me if you want to purchase one.

  2. Nat Says:

    Just noticed a bunch of Peter Lemongello videos posted on

  3. Peter Lemongello Says:

    Thank you all for your interest in where I am and what
    I am doing these days. Hope you all enjoy the video
    just placed on “Youtube”. Appreciate your comments.

  4. neverwriteitdown Says:

    Thanks for writing in!
    Any time you want to add, please do.

  5. Chartay Says:

    I’ve never left commens on sites for anything.. I just had to leave one here. I grew up listening and lovin’ Peter Lemongello. Stone-cold fox! LOL. I was born in August of ’71 so I never purchased Love’76 personally but Thank God my mom did.I get chills to this day just looking at the album cover, which I still have and cried when movers broke my record. Was never able to replace but hope to. Good to still have you around. You are part of a globe of reasons why I love music and love to sing. Funny thing with that commercial for Love ’76 on youtube, the address they advertised to send in for ta copy of the album is the area I’ve lived in all my life NY,NY 10028. I am 10029.. Too funny. I’d kill for an 8-track..LOL

  6. Marie Says:

    I loved the video. It was like a breath of fresh air. Wish I could get a CD. Do I Love You was my wedding song.

  7. Gail Bertelsen Vendetti Says:

    Hey Peter, I knew I would find you again.
    So good to see the video.
    Hope all is well.
    Never stopped thinking about you and you’re family.
    Hope to hear from ya.

  8. anna valentino Says:

    Hi Gail!! Are you one of the girls from Tri-ad media?? (NYC about 30 years ago?) Let me know

  9. John Says:

    I remember a commercial for Peter Lemongello (Love 76) when I was 12 years old. I always wondered what ever happened to him or was it just a dream I had. Well, 31 years later I finally got a chance to see and hear the commercial and other videos of him. Wow.

  10. Gail Bertelsen Vendetti Says:

    Hi Anna
    No Sorry That’s not me

  11. Susan A Says:


    Start a myspace!


  12. Jo POPOWICK Says:

    It’s your old friend Joanne Popowick.
    Peter as I still rmemeber grew up in islip ny, i grew up in bay shore ny, funny part was I grew up listening to his music and i remember the commercials and thought he was the biggest deal.
    Over the yrs, I waited to be able to contact him, i called the villa roma and pete sent me a tape{i need a cd now lol} and a picture}i need an update done now},we began writting one another and whne i moved to fl{palm coast} in 1994,peter was my only friend in fl, we’d write he’d call an dsent me a post card from italy which i still cherish.I miss my friend i lost contact with him, so peter email me when you see this,we can catch up .
    If ya all never heard peter sing, man get the new cd he is great in my book, joanne

  13. joanne Says:

    I have started a Peter Lemongello fan site on yahoo, for all us fans to post and enjoy,heres teh link to join.

    i am trying to gather up what I can, i use to have a peter lemongello scrap book many many yrs ago, lol peter no laughing.

  14. Susan A Says:

    I still have my scrap book! LOL
    It’s chock full of ticket stubs, pictures, autographs, articles, letters, even the birth announcement for Thomas! I had such a blast back in those days… I was a 15 year old on a mission! Lincoln Center (Avery Fisher Hall), Westbury, Theresa’s, Steak Row, Westbury, Iona College, Brighton Beach, Ises (Staten Island)… so much more…this is all off the top of my head, yet it was at least a trillion years ago! LOL Still love ya Peter, always will!

  15. Jo POPOWICK Says:

    where can I get the new dvd?I want one for xmas for me.joanne

  16. Peter Lemongello Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Well my website is finally up and
    running. More will be added but
    there is plenty for you to see now. is the address.
    Thank you for all your help. Please
    let me know what you think of it and
    tell as many as you can to visit me.
    Happy holidays. Peter Lemongello

  17. radiodan Says:

    Peter Lemongello will be on The Live Test Show on this Thursday at 9pm EST.

  18. Neil Says:

    Found this on YouTube. A new artist named Will Dailey seems to have had some great fun recreating the old Peter Lemongello TV commercial. Thought I would share:

  19. Alan Kornweiss Says:

    I knew Peter back in the 70’s. I worked in a shopping mall on Long Island in New York. I remember him coming into our store when he was just getting popular. He’ll know what store and where it was if he ever reads this. Would love to speak to him again. I was always a big fan!

  20. eduardo Says:

    thanks for the post, I’ll be sharing for sure

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