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Rex Smith’s songs have been off the shelves for quite some time now. My cassette of Sooner or Later is long worn out. I had to have You Take My Breath Away on the radio station and managed to find the single for sale by download and there it is on the station. He really does have a great voice and I’m surprised albums aren’t still coming. He created an album for sale on his website . Tracks included: Simply Jessie, Could It Be Magic, Goodbye To You, Foolish Heart, You Take My Breath Away, Forever, What About The Dream, Let’s Make A Memory, Lonely Days, and Without A Word.

 Simply Jessie … you can’t beat that. Oh, but I went to buy it and it is no longer available. So close! So, then I read that he made an album Simply… Rex for MCA Universal in the Philippines. The only information I saw was ‘greatest hits, same sound’. I just ordered that. The Philippines??

Rex Smith has been in a few movies (Pirates of Penzance, Richie Rich, A Christmas Wish, and Passion To Kill Oh and Fast Eddie in Heading for Broadway!), on TV(Solid Gold, Street Hawk and of course Sooner or Later) and loads of Broadway shows (the latest Kiss Me Kate). Now he is now a realtor with Re/Max in Long Beach, California and has gotten top sales awards in the 120 person marina office.

Rex is 50 now. Married with 5 kids, ages 2-16, he spends spare time coaching Little League and soccer. Born and raised in Atlanta, he now lives in Rossmoor, California, near Seal Beach.

As an interesting bit, he can always perform at a personal or business function. The online form is here >>> Don’t think for a minute that I’m not looking at my checkbook right now.

Listen for more on the station. I’ll get Simply Jessie on there if it kills me.

Here’s the Everlasting Love video. Gotta love it.

Update: July 15th: My Rex Smith CD left Makati, Philippines and went to Singapore. From there it went to Sweden and today was marked as on it’s way to the US. This seems excessive for a Rex Smith CD. He lives in California. He could have just sent me a bootleg copy!

Update July 23rd: Simply… Rex arrived today. 3 weeks. The CD is great. His voice is still great. The whole thing is great IF (and I mean this in the nicest way)… if you have the originals and you want to hear more. I don’t have the damned originals and can’t find them. The new CD just doesn’t have the vibratto that makes you recognize a song as his instantly. I’m going to have to find an underground Rex Smith dealer or something. Maybe one of his kids has an extra copy to sell me. He’s got 5 kids… they don’t all need copies. Anyway… the CD is on it’s 4th go around… love it. -Mike

My Birthday:
I should make Rex a page here since I seem to update this post the most. Anyway… here’s the birthday cake my sister made for me. Jealous?


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9 Responses to “Simply… Rex Smith”

  1. Fan Says:

    Rex Smith is on Tour in Asia and just launched a new official site. Much better than his old one.

    Check it out at

  2. GornHotorne Says:

    To me it is necessary to find

  3. Roger Says:

    Hi Mike

    Did you finally get the CD (above) that was sold from Rex Smith’s website?

    I bought one, it also came with an 8″X10″ autographed poster of Rex. I waited years for this CD to become available. I also have the movie on DVD and a 1st printing of the original book.

    Simply Jessie is one of my favorite tunes. You Take My Breath Away and Sooner or Later were also excellent.

  4. Debbie Wilkerson Says:

    Are you looking for a copy of Sooner or Later? I have the album and I can put it on a CD. Let me know. I will charge you a nominal fee for processing and S&H 🙂


  5. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for the updates. I think I fell in lust with this man back in 76 when he was with the band Rex. They were the warm up band for Ted Nugent, one of the few times at a concert I ended up like the warm up more then the headliner. Thanks for the memories. Still hot at 50

  6. Elisha Says:

    I luv luv luv Rex Smith so much, i hadnt seen Sooner or Later since it came out 1979 i was the same age as Jessie & knew those feelings to well. I have been waiting for almost a year for this from Netflix they must have 1 copy, its here & i cant stop watching it

  7. Elisha Says:

    My daughters luv the movie, its so wholesome compared 2 this stuff they watch, im waiting on my dvd copy from Amazon then i will send this one back to Netflix, i found my album but what am i going 2 do with it, i ordered cd also

  8. Says:

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