Rufus Wain-Writes Album #5


wainwright.jpg  Release the Stars

For me, new Rufus music doesn’t come nearly fast enough. The 5th album Release the Stars came out mid-May and I missed it. Downloaded it from iTunes today and listening to it now. Right off the bat, Between My Legs is my favorite so far. I’ve already added it to the radio station without even hearing the entire album.

The exec producer is another big time favorite of mine; Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant.  Rufus, though greatly talented, and those that enjoy his music are truly devoted fans… still seems to be stuck in ‘cult’ status and needs a mainstream break. Not to come up with cookie cutter tunes for cash, mind you, but he’s tried to tone down the operatic/Broadway/richly textured show just a bit. I hope it all works out. He deserves it. You know, just for fun, I wouldn’t mind seeing what he could do with pop. Don’t tell anyone I said that. I have no idea how Tennant, who did a Pet Shop Boys remake of the Village People’s Go West, using a giant Gay boy’s choir as a backdrop, concealed that resume item in the ‘tone it down’ interview. Maybe Rufus can hit a PSB song next.


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