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Simply… Rex Smith

June 30, 2007


Rex Smith’s songs have been off the shelves for quite some time now. My cassette of Sooner or Later is long worn out. I had to have You Take My Breath Away on the radio station and managed to find the single for sale by download and there it is on the station. He really does have a great voice and I’m surprised albums aren’t still coming. He created an album for sale on his website . Tracks included: Simply Jessie, Could It Be Magic, Goodbye To You, Foolish Heart, You Take My Breath Away, Forever, What About The Dream, Let’s Make A Memory, Lonely Days, and Without A Word.


Timberlake: He’s Bringin Ping Pong Back

June 29, 2007

Gothenburg, Sweden


If you’re Justin Timberlake, can you go for a burger at Hard Rock Cafe in Sweden? Apparently not. Fans can adore you one minute but refuse an amateur photo-op while chewing on a french fry with your girlfriend, and POW! they turn on you.

Rufus Wain-Writes Album #5

June 27, 2007


wainwright.jpg  Release the Stars

For me, new Rufus music doesn’t come nearly fast enough. The 5th album Release the Stars came out mid-May and I missed it. Downloaded it from iTunes today and listening to it now. Right off the bat, Between My Legs is my favorite so far. I’ve already added it to the radio station without even hearing the entire album.

New on AllFunMusik Radio – June 26th

June 27, 2007

placebomeds.jpg Placebo – Meds


This edgy London band has been around since 1994. Who knew?

Did YOU forget to take your meds?


keonozarialbum.jpg Keo Nozari – Question of Monagamy I lie to you? Would you lie to me? Just how honest can we really be? I don’t have… the answer.



The Cliks – Oh Yeah!From the Toronto based band’s Snakehouse album.clicks.jpg 

Lucas Silveira, Jordan B. Wright and Morgan Doctor

Skitchy Details

June 23, 2007

New and Moving Fast Artist 

The cast of animated charaters return for another good -vs- evil video story with a cool music backdrop.


UK based James Hore Martin and band Skitchy are planning an animated US invasion.

Mika: Love, Love Me

June 22, 2007

or for you MySpace enthusiasts:

Earlier this year, Mika broke into the US with his song Grace Kelly from his new album Life in Cartoon Motion.

The album is quirky and very original. Each song is very different from the last. He seems to get compared to Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters a lot, and although I don’t like comparing very original people, they both are very unique, both have original sounding voices, and both excel at showmanship. Mika likes to be the circus ringmaster and he can pull it off.

Here’s Mika’s Big Girls video.


Running With Scissors

June 22, 2007


You just can’t beat a group named after a lesbian sex position. When you’re all sitting around trying to come up with a name for your band, you come up with that. Amazing. That’s shortened from the original name Dead Lesbian and the Fibrillating Scissor Sisters. From that alone, you can tell the group would be different.

My Chiffon Is Wet, Darling. My Wig Is Wet! : Get Dancin’ with Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes

June 22, 2007


Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes

Sir Monti Rock III, formerly Joseph Montanez, who was a teen idol/talk show regular of the ’60s and famous for Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, is now the Very Reverend Monti Rock III. He is a House Whisperer and also performs The Million Dollar Wedding in Nevada. You can check him out on the Web here >>

Down In The Dirt with Sven-Erik Seaholm

June 22, 2007


AllFunMusik listeners know Sven-Erik Seaholm’s Sister Mary Jane. I personally never heard of him before I found that song. People in and around San Diego have known him for years. He’s also a record producer producing LA and San Diego indie artists. Producing is where he spends most of his time. He also has a band called The Wild Truth. His own music is released sporadically at best.

I checked out his site at and listened to more. He’s good. There are several free mp3s to listen to or download. Check him out and listen for more of him on AllFunMusik Radio.

Blog Me. What’s Stopping You?

June 22, 2007


Welcome to the AllFunMusik Radio Blog

AllFunMusik has gathered quite a following, much to my surprise. Here, we can talk about the station, music and give the listeners a voice.

This will be an AllFunBlog.