You Tube Music

December 29, 2013

My new favorite music comes from You Tube. There are so many talented people and many of them are getting quite popular online.

Some of the people I follow regularly:
1-King The Kid: They have a really great sound. They do their own music and the covers of others music is great. Ricky Ficcarelli, the drummer also does regular and fun VLOGs. That’s how I started following them. They are into their fans.

2-San Tsui: He has an original album and does a lot of covers. Great voice and a personality that draws you in. Graduating from Harvard doesn’t always mean you’re a businessman or lawyer.

3-Kurt Hugo Schneider: He’s a producer/director of several (including San Tsui) and plays… well, I lost count how many instruments. He has really great ideas for videos.

4-ATC: Against The Current: Chrissy is by far the cutest girl ever and her voice is fantastic and unique.

5-Alex Goot: Everyone must have heard of him by now. He’s kind of like the father of the new You Tube trend. Extremely popular and deservedly so.

6-The Vamps: UK group founded online. Lead singer Brad Simpson is young, but has a great voice, can pull of any song. The bandmates seem like best friends so they’re easy to watch and listen to.

7-The Wanted: OK, not typically a You Tube band, but watch WantedWednesdays. Makes them into real people and it’s just fun to watch.

You Tube is a great platform for talent, sure, but it’s a great platform for fans since the artists are so close with them. I was there when King The Kid started a year ago and I feel like I’m on the journey with them through their music and VLOGs. I think this is true for all the artists and their fans. Their more like extended friends.

Oh, right… keep an eye on Robby Word. He’s new. He’s 16 and has a very mature Harry Connick, Jr. type voice. Only a Christmas song so far, but there is sure to be a lot more coming from him.


Sneak Peek

November 27, 2012


I’m not good at sleazy tactics, I must admit. But I got a look at the new, long awaited Peter Lemongello site. It isn’t up yet, so don’t bother looking for it and I’m not sleazy enough to say where it is, but I’m on the verge of no longer being the place to turn for Lemongello info, not to mention a conduit to the man himself. So, why not go out with a ‘you saw it here first’ post.

So click on the picture for a preview of the new Lemongello destination on the Web. It looks good so far and contains information and a way to contact Peter and of course, get your hands on some music. Looks like the site will be up very soon, so check back. The picture is only a third of one of many pages, so it’s really only a peek. I guess I’m also not sleazy enough to out the entire site before it’s ready.

Love 2007 is here but instead of TV, it’s happening on the Web. Peter and his longtime fans are lucky that his voice and style have remained true because a new album will be out in 2008. So after we stock up on the ‘Then’, we have the ‘Now’ to still look forward to.

Gonna Be This Or That (with Uptown Express)

August 13, 2011


Uptown Express has been keeping busy with live shows from Manhattan’s Metropolitan Room, to the fun and summery Asbury Park, to the quirky and friendly New Hope, PA.

The group was nominated for two of the prestigious MAC Awards this year for Vocal Group and Best Recording. Teeming with talent, New York City is a rough city to get noticed in. Uptown has singled themselves out as a premier act with many amazing reviews for both their live appearances and their CD “Take You There”.

The year started out with the death of group member David Gurland. David’s loss and memory fueled the group into continuing. Jaymes Hodges was brought into the group earlier in the year, not to replace David, but to bring something new. Jaymes is not, by any means, new to any of this. He has brought with him an extensive resume of experience. “Naked Boys Singing – The Movie” , and the CD, as the lead (yes, go Google it, we all did!), Guiding Light, Gossip Girl, Broadway, touring companies and more.

David will live on in his music, accomplishments and relationships.

Chris Caswell, John DePalma, Brad Parks, Jaymes Hodges and musical director, James Followell are continuing to raise Uptown Express to new heights.

I believe their future lies in the music choices of the next album. “Take You There” began a new mix of contemporary pop, music we loved as kids and want the next generation to hear and Manhattan’s own Cabaret, that will hopefully be taken further. These four are so comfortable to watch and listen to, it’s impossible to think of anything but great success.

If you haven’t seen them in person, here is a promo video from the group. I’m not sure I would say it showcases all you will see and feel from seeing them, but you can clearly see the wonderful interaction of the group and know that you’ll have a good time.

After watching, visit them on Facebook or the Uptown Express Website.


New York’s Uptown Express Is Waiting To Take You There

June 28, 2010

I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of the new CD Take You There,  from Uptown Express and was both surprised and excited right away.

I’ll tell the truth, the first time through I was engaged by the music but laughed out loud (LOL!) at each song change. By the third song, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. You see, I didn’t get a track list so I had really no idea. I encourage you to listen without first studying that list.

I don’t often yell to people to come listen to something, but this time I did it several times. You would have thought I was the one singing. I was so amazed by the quality of each song and that just about every song is a favorite. It’s one of those collections you feel was done as your own, personal mix tape!

Here is another thing I don’t usually do with music (besides laughing and calling people over!)… amidst the mayhem comes Erasure’s Always. I had actually gotten a pre-pre-release of that song, so I knew it was coming, but hearing it in the mix of the rest got me. I choked up a little there. OK, a lot. I LOVE that song! I sang right along with Chris. I don’t think I’ll be the 5th member or anything, but I didn’t need a microphone. ‘Nuff said.

I can best describe the ‘happy’ of this CD by saying that as I drive along and hear random songs on the radio, a song will come on that makes me sit up, sing along and hope to remember its name so I can add it to my imaginary jukebox. This CD is like the jukebox in my mind. Each song, though very different from the last, made me sit up and remember a time, a place, a person.

I won’t go through all the tracks, I’m really hoping you’ll feel some of that surprise that I did, but the songs range from superstar covers to Broadway kitsch and cabaret to current stuff. Each member has his time to shine and shine each one does. The voices, each different on their own and then when they all sing together… another kind of magic. Friend of the group and a New York diva-megafab star in her own rite, Karen Mason winds up the CD belting out Bette like nobody’s business.

If you like a CD with all  fun music… that’s  AllFunMusik!, or if you like a group of hot guys singing to you, or even if you just don’t have enough CDs to fill that new rack you bought at Ikea… get to a music store, the Uptown Express site or do what I did and all the really cool people do, get on iTunes and download it using your American Express card and pay for it next month. And, yes, I did buy it even though I had a free copy. I liked it a lot and hey… these guys gotta eat. Hmmm…. 4 Gay guys… how much are they really going to eat? Then they’ll run to the gym. Hey, maybe I can get a refund and get a hamburger and a pillow. Where was I?… right… buy it. They don’t have to eat, but they have to buy outfits for all those TV and stage appearances. You’ll be seeing and hearing from them quite a bit from now on, I suspect.

OH! Always is on again…. gotta go. Great job guys. You took me there and back! Cheers!

Uptown Express last album review

Uptown Express Official Website

Uptown Express on Facebook

Members: Chris Caswell, John DePalma, David Gurland, Brad Parks, Music Director: James Followell

Peter Lemongello Mood Rocks Manhattan

June 5, 2009

Peter Lemongello Sings the Great American Songbook

March 21, 2009

An opportunity to see Peter Lemongello in person. If you plan to be in Florida in April, don’t miss it.
This was actually canceled, but think NYC!

Gregory Douglass – Battler

February 24, 2009


Vermont-based singer, Gregory Douglass released his new album Battler. The album has a continuation feel from his last album Up & Away. These albums are not to be missed.

Visit his website at or buy the CD at CD Baby or digitally at iTunes.

Feel the PULSE on 87.7

December 10, 2008

Sadly, this station is no more. You will be missed.

NYC Metro – this is for you.

Stuck on KTU as your drive time, lunch time and play time dance music?

Have you been dozing off lately at these times? KTU becoming a KT-Yawn?

Drag your radio dial all the way to the left and hit 87.7 the new Pulse Dance Radio. Your drive to the office will energize your day. One drive and you’ve dumped your current station and threw your CDs in the back seat.

Broadcasting as WNYZ FM from “that big blue building in Queens”, the signal isn’t as far reaching to the burbs as KTU’s in midtown, but if you’re into dance mixes of the hottest new music and some surprising ones, the quality of this station is worth it. (I recently heard Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall remixed. I had no idea it was possible!)

Once you get hooked, listen at your desk with the web radio player. Register, sign in, listen all day.

Your drive home gets you SHOWBOAT, the dancer/DJ/Asbury Park, NJ go to guy for music you can dance to.

From 7pm-12am ANDRE THE DREDOG takes over your night. For you Grand Theft Auto 3 fans out there Andre is the voice of RISE FM. So, if you want more RISE, go to PULSE!

Does the voice on the Old Navy commercials make you wonder who that girls is? Well, that’s PULSE girl JEWELZ LOPEZ, New York City’s hottest DJ.

The on air talent is great, but amazingly (to me anyway) they’ve got mixers like FRANKIE VAZQUEZ and MIKE RIZZO mixing for PULSE! These guys and the others are the hottest DJs around. along with the online radio player has news, info on the personalities, ways to find those hard to find mix tracks, Pulse videos, online music request and yes… even a hook up page!

As a cherry on top, PULSE has a hot Brit doing the taglines and announcements. Just a bonus.

87.7 FM and – get there.

I’m MikeNJ on

Thanks to Travis for hookin’ me up with this station!

Uptown Express on 11 Tracks

November 25, 2008

The Uptown Express boys are spreading their message of hope and tolerance in an even bigger way than usual… their first studio CD. 

The CD starts out on an up beat with the title track, The Four Seasons Walk Like A Man which draws you into their unique style. The CD goes on to songs such as Glow Worm and Slow Boat to China. Yes, of course there’s a medley. It starts out with Melissa Etheridge’s  Come To My Window and completes with Never Can Say Goodbye made famous by the Jackson 5 and later Gloria Gaynor. The CD is a good time mix of songs equally appropriate as dinner music, road trip music or get lucky music.


Under the music direction of James Followell, the Uptown Express boys are Aldrin Arche, Chris Caswell, John DePalma, David Gurland and Brad Parks. They have played Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, from Europe to Miami to the famous cabaret clubs of Manhattan, Uptown gets their crowds in the mood.

Each member brings a uniqueness to the group. Take, for example, Chris Caswell. Chris is the longest running member of Uptown Express and has appeared with the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus in Carnegie Hall, played in productions of Godspell and Company, but is best known for his solo venues, the most recent of which was Hold On at Helen’s. You can get more info on Chris and watch for upcoming shows at his website .

Please visit Uptown Express at their website and take a look around. They list their upcoming performances and there, you can also purchase Walk Like A Man.

So often we are unsure of what we buy and who we’re buying from. Walk Like A Man is an uplifting compilation of songs meant to inspire and entertain performed by five guys that want to inspire and entertain. Wholesome entertainment for a harried world. 

Uptown Express is part of the Big Apple Performing Arts, a non-profit management company supporting LGBT entertainers.

Jonas Brothers – MySpace: Songs We Can Agree On

October 31, 2008

jonas brothers myspace billboard

With FaceBook beginning to overshadow MySpace as the meet and greet destination, MySpace is becoming the definitive place where artists park their work. Everyone has a MySpace page to compliment their websites featuring music clips, videos and up to date concert and appearance information.

The good thing (I think) about MySpace is that not only big names have a presence. The small bands starting out have an equal audience share. MySpace is moving from friend builder to fan builder fast and the MySpaces powers that be recognize this and are pouring some money into advertising their new role in music.

The JoBros adorn the first ever outdoor advertising campaign for Myspace Music. The billboards appear in Both Times Square (above) and on the Sunset Strip. The Brothers don’t need the advertising, but MySpace was smart to use them to attract the millions of young people pushing and shoving their way into their fan base.

I feel a bit better thinking that the kids using MySpace are listening to music instead of listening to God-knows-who or what in chats. Formerly anti-MySpace, I say type in and have a good time! Start with

Drive Your Chevy To The Levy with Don McLean

May 7, 2008

Don McLean

Don McLean’s American Pie has a permanent place in American Pop Culture and an international ambassadorship for the U.S. American Pie is the musical equivelent of the Statue of Liberty. You never hear this song played without throngs of people screaming the lyrics.

Inspired by the death of Buddy Holly, but really autobiographical, the song tells of the evolution of popular music of the 50s into the 60s. The song came at a profound time for America. The death of John F. Kennedy would change the world. The release of the song also came at a changing time. In 1971, America was at odds over Vietnam and it needed an anthem. American Pie became that anthem. It remains today, forever relevant, forever moving, forever a cheer for and to the land of freedom.

A song like American Pie is a once in a lifetime chance for an artist. To forever travel with history as its Master of Ceremonies, its cheerleader, its voice of where we’ve been and where we could be. The modern-day Star Spangled Banner. The definitive song of opening your eyes to adulthood, responsibility and the very ownership of not only your own destiny, but your place in defining the destiny of those around you. We stand together and sing it; sober or drunk, we know the words. If your kids are talking to you, you sing over them. When the song plays, there is silence for only a moment or two as people stop and think and, then the common voice takes over. A remarkable song.

Of course American Pie overshadowed that album, but another great song would squeak out and make it’s way to the top… Vincent. This song was actually bigger in Europe than it was in America. The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has a copy of the sheet music along with Vincent’s own brushes buried beneath it in a time capsule. And, let’s face it… it is the main reason we know and cared about who Vincent VanGogh was. The song is hauntingly beautiful in its lyrics and arrangement.

American Pie – A live performance. The way he says people should sing along ‘if’ they know the words is something he didn’t have to add to his concerts after that.

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) – Also a live performance with a peek at the inspiration… Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over The Rhone

Choose Life – Wham

May 7, 2008

Wham - Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go
Talk about AllFunMusik! Wham! was fun music. The short shorts. The oversized t-shirt craze. The bouncy as Hell tune.

Wake Me Up (Before you Go-Go)
Watch it. We won’t tell anyone.
See it on YouTube HERE.

I Miss Mr. Mister

May 7, 2008

Mr Mister - Welcome to the Real World

Where would 1985 and 1986 have been without Mr Mister’s Broken Wings and Kyrie ?
Richard Page on vocals and bass guitar, Steve George on keyboards, Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums and Steve Farris on guitars made up the Misters. The band broke up in 1989 while working on their 4th album Pull. The album has never been released.

Let’s watch together, shall we?

Broken Wings

Darren Hayes – Darkness

May 7, 2008

Darren Hayes - Darkness

With a great song from The Tension and the Spark, here is Darren Hayes’ YouTube video for Darkness.

Released originally in 2004, The Tension and the Spark had it’s  U.S. ‘re-‘release this year on the heels of This Delicate Thing We’ve Made. It’s a wonderful album where each listen brings with it a new favorite song. Hayes voice, the lyrics and the arrangements have a richness equal to and in some cases even rivaling Delicate.

This is (and has been for months) my current favorite album by Darren or anyone.

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Joshua Kadison – Jesse and More

April 10, 2008

Joshua Kadison
Joshua Kadison… in 1994 his song Jesse received a BMI award for most played song. So, you’ve heard it… you liked it. Sara Jessica Parker (Sex In The City) was it’s inspiration. His song from the same album Beautiful In My Eyes is heard internationally at almost every wedding you attend.

I thought of Jessie one day and remembered to download it from iTunes. When I think of a song, I need to hurry or I’ll forget at the first note of the next song I hear! I added Jesse to AllFunMusik Radio to remind others of what a good song it was despite it’s constant and, perhaps irritating airplay in the early 90s.

Most Played Song of a year is certainly an impressive achievement in the short term, but I think it’s a curse in the long run. It becomes almost impossible to live up to your own popularity. The good ones stand by their talents and continue creating. The really good ones are even more creative, relaxed and comfortable with their music, producing work that is true to themselves.

So, wondering what Joshua was up to now, I came across his website  It seems he’s kept very busy writing new songs and his voice is still fantastic. Perhaps even better with now, complete control over his music. He’s even written a book … “17 Ways To Eat A Mango”, come out as Gay and lopped off the Fabio-like locks. More importantly, his songs are thoughtful, his voice wonderful and oddly, his music is free from his website. Download mp3s galore, complete with lyrics, cover art.. the works. As for Painted Desert Serenade, you can find that at iTunes, ready to add to your 90s collection.

I guess Joshua Kadison is one of the really good ones.

His Return of the Dragonfly tour is Germany only at this point, so I don’t think a US concert is in our immediate future. Do visit his website and listen to some of his new music. It’s really worth it.

I’ve included a song from his website. Illuminated Soul by Joshua Kadison

Since you’ll be at his site listening to new stuff, I’m including the Jesse video here. You know you want to watch it. Don’t deny yourself.



Darren Hayes – The Tension and the Spark

March 6, 2008


 iTunes makes 2004’s The Tension And The Spark available this week.

Darren Hayes… the voice – beautiful. Undeniable.

The music… dark, futuristic and electronic. I’m a huge fan, so of course I bought it and, I’ve listened to it 75 times already, but i wasn’t crazy about it at first. It quickly grew on me, though. I can listen to it all the time and each time find a new song I really like a lot. It really snuck up on me.

Sense of Humor and Darkness were early favorites of mine and Dublin Sky quickly grew in. It’s kind of like getting a new song each day as each one clicks with me.

I’ve changed this post since I first wrote it… I must admit. The original post was good on the voice, not so great on the arrangements. I guess I must like the style or I wouldn’t listen as much. I never disliked it, mind you. Not at all. I do wish, though, that at some point, he’d try a slightly more acoustic album so I can hear his voice as the star of the song. Personally, I don’t think he needs anything backing him up, but I really do get it.

The album is really quite good and if you’re not jumping up and down on the first go -round, just wait. It will sneak up on you and move to the top of your list quickly.

For Darren’s thoughts on the songs from The Tension and the Spark, go HERE.

I’ve included a song from the album. Enjoy! Pop!ular by Darren Hayes

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Darren Hayes – Casey

January 26, 2008

Today’s release of the Casey video gives me an excuse to do another Darren Hayes post.  Casey is hand in hand for the top spot on my This Delicate Thing We’ve Made favorites list along with Listen All You People. The link to the YouTube video is below.


You can also watch the video HERE at Darren’s YouTube Space, or go over to and watch it there. Or, you can just listen to Casey at my other blog HERE.

Video production this time around by Damian Hale of onedotzero.

Photos from the This Delicate Thing We’ve Made digital cover.

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Monkee Links

January 11, 2008

A few links to keep you in step and up to date with the Monkees.

The Monkees  

Davy Jones

Newest Music: Incredible Revisited

Peter Tork

Newest Music: Cambria Hotel

Mickey Dolenz

Mike Nesmith

Official Fan Club Site:


One of my favorite Monkees songs. Watch it.

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January 4, 2008

New Jersey band, PAULSON. It’s got a ring to it.

Here’s their latest song Calling On You from the album All At Once. OK, there’s a giant tarantula, so that threw me a little. But he’s shopping, playing the guitar and dancing… oh and at the end he throws a bottle of Tarantula’s Choice Head and Thorax shampoo into his cart, so I guess he’s an OK spider that cares about his appearance.

Calling On You at YouTube

Official Site: PAULSON IS A BLOG
From Wikipedia: Paulson has a reputation for energetic and fun live shows.
So, they play All Fun Musik? Cool.

Peter Lemongello’s New Site

December 19, 2007

Dec 31, 6:38 PM
First, let me wish everyone the best New Year ever !
Thank you all for the interest in my new website and the new package of CD’s we are offering.
They are ready and available on my website.

Love Peter Lemongello

Take a click over to to visit Peter’s new site and, buy those CDs you’ve been wanting.

Feel free to post comments or questions here.
I’m sure I speak for all of us in wishing Peter and the Lemongello family a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.


New Musik: JayMen

December 6, 2007


After significant success in Holland and support from the who’s who of the DJ community including Fedde le Grande and Erick E, Dutch electro/house senstion Jaymen are finally making their US debut.  Their first single “Ooh La Lishious” is being released through Marian Records, and will impact clubs this month.  
The story behind this invigorating new face in the dance industry is nearly as encapsulating as the music itself.  It all started with a group of friends in Holland with a passion for electronic music.  One night, disappointed with the current musical landscape, DJ Jordy Lishious and DJ Boy Lamoen decided to strike out on their own, creating the musical masterpiece that is “Ooh La Lishious”.  Upon its release in the Netherlands, the duo took the electro/house scene by storm, entering the Dutch Buzz National Top 40 charts only a week after the singles release.  Soon after the #1 Dutch radio station Slam FM picked up on the slamming track, quickly moving it to the #1 spot on their Top 30 Dance list. 

Since the early success of the record, Jaymen have showed no signs of slowing down, with entries on the Dutch Top 40 Singles chart as well the German Dance Charts.  This kind of international acclaim is rare from such a new and relatively unknown group.

With a gritty, driving beat carefully intermingled with a vocal sample from the legendary Afrika Baambaata, “Ooh La Lishious” creates a completely unique atmosphere wherever it is played.  By combining the nostalgic elements of early hip-hop with the latest trends in electronic production, Jaymen have delivered an unsurpassed club track, guaranteed to destroy dance floors all over the world.

AllFunMusik Radio features the JayMen’s new song Ooh La Lishious in its lineup.

New Musik: Ella

December 5, 2007



From singing with aborigines in her native New Zealand as a young child, to recently touring with Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Cece Winans and Darwin Hobbs, Ella has wowed thousands of fans with her electrifying stage presence in cities around the world. Cutting tracks for Sixpence None The Richer, LeAnn Rimes and Code of Ethics  has shaped Ella into a diverse and passionate vocalist. With a 3 octave vocal range, amazing control and astonishing inflection her voice leaves a memorable impression on listeners. In addition to her vocals, Ella has a unique image that can only be described as elegant, exquisite and rich. A true fashionista at heart, Ella’s style prowess is evidenced by her display of wardrobes including legendary designers such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney 

Making her debut in early 2006, Ella quickly rose up the charts with her first single “Forever Young”.  By May of that same year her single was the #1 Pop download at the online digital retailer Peer Impact, but her success did not end there.  Throughout the rest of 2006, Ella continued to climb Record Pool charts all across America, inking a myriad of licensing deals along the way as well.  Currently “Forever Young” is featured in Konami’s best selling Dance Dance Revolution series of games, as well as compilations in Austria, the US and other territories.

After the significant success she experienced in 2006, Ella is back with a follow up single to her smash “Forever Young”.  This time around she has chosen the late 90’s hit “Missing”, but in true Ella fashion she has made this song her own!  With this single already impacting clubs and radio, Ella has decided to show her legions of loyal fans a darker side of her personality, embracing the beautifully melancholy mood of the song to create something that is truly incredible. It’s no wonder why Ella has made an early debut on the international Global Dance Traxx Chart with a position that continues to rise.  Employing the help of legendary Dance producers Ian D’Souza, Stephen Singer and Daniel Winter, “Missing” combines Ella’s contemplative vocal with ethereal synths and a gritty, driving bassline, leaving an indelible mark on every listener.

“A talented artist, an amazing image, and a great personality, Ella has the whole package and is sure to be a staple in music for years to come”.  – Ian D’Souza, Producer

AllFunMusik Radio features Ella’s newest track Missing. Listen and don’t forget to vote.

Hang Around – Gregory Douglass

December 1, 2007

Hey! Who is this guy? He’s good.

Vermont-based Gregory Douglass appeared out of nowhere on Logo’s New Now Next  Music with Hang Around . I like it. Let’s keep an eye on him.

Douglass, only 25 has 5 CDs already under his belt. Critically acclaimed CDs, not to mention awards. How did I miss him? He has a large enough fan base that he was able to finance CD productions solely through fans pre-ordering and through fan donations to his website.

The press is rivaling his voice/style with Rufus Wainwright. That, of course piqued my interest being a devout Wainwright fanatic myself.

Off to buy Up & Away and Retro Active: Volume 1 on iTunes now. Let’s help his ‘grassroots campaign’, but let’s not compare him to Rufus any more.

Here’s the Logo video link. Let me know what you think.

Then, head over to his website at and become a Greg Head.

AllFunMusik Radio is proud to feature Hang Around in its lineup starting … NOW.

Update: OK, I get the Rufus Wainwright thing. There is one song in particular on the album that I thought WAS Rufus Wainwright! Love the CD. Please check it out.

Gregory Douglass Street Team 2007 Newsletter

Play my favorite track from Up & Away HERE

Take A Walk With Rihanna

December 1, 2007

Rihanna is a surprising artist. She’s not the new lil’ rapper and she’s not trying to be Rihanna Franklin. She’s great at being Rihanna. Great music, great voice. She has her own deal going and it’s loaded with fun musik (well, it worked).


She’s disabled embedding of her videos, and that’s OK. Head over to YouTube and catch some catchy tunes.

I like If It’s Lovin’ That You Want and new single Shut Up And Drive.

Of course, my favorite is still Don’t Stop The Music (did she mean Musik?) featured on AllFunMusik. 

Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad album is filled with music as hot as Rihanna herself.

No Sundown in Sight for Gordon Lightfoot

December 1, 2007


True Folk Music never dies. These are songs that tell a story. Much like Country music or Rap but the difference is they are not soon forgotten when another comes along. They are woven into our lives and memories. Try getting Puff The Magic Dragon or Blowin’ in the Wind out of your head, it won’t work.

Canadian, Gordon Lightfoot personifies true, traditional Folk music. He’s had music bust out of the Folk charts and onto Pop, Country and others just for the sheer feeling they invoke. Everyone know the names of Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot and when the names are invoked, they posess a power that both soothes and excites us. Folk music is sing-along music. That’s how I can always tell. If a song is playing and everyone stops what they’re doing and sings along as a group of strangers with now, something in common… that’s Folk.


Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind, inspired by his divorce is a song that invokes real feelings for those who hear it.

Sundown went to #1 in 1974 on the Billboard charts and hit the Country charts big. Play it on a jukebox somewhere and watch the room quiet down. Interestingly, Sundown was inspired by Gordon’s then girlfriend, Cathy Smith who is most famous (infamous?) for her role in the death of John Belushi.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald took its isnpiration right out of Newsweek Magazine and tells the story of the 1975 sinking of the USS Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior. If Folk music tells a story, this is a great example.

And when you’re on a road trip and Carefree Highway comes on the radio, everyone in the car is practically screaming the song.

Lightfoot has produced 20 albums from Lightfoot! in 1966 through Harmony in 2004. That’s staying power, but the really good news is that he’s never stopped touring. He tours in 18 month increments and the next leg of his current tour takes on the South East U.S. in February 2008.

This is a timeless man singing timeless music, reaching generations of listeners. If you see him in person, prepare yourself for a bad sore throat. You’ll be singing your hearts out. Make sure you introduce this music to the next generation. This is our way of passing down stories from the past.

There is a very informative fan site at with all you’ll need to know about buying music or if you’re lucky enough, seeing him in person.

Darren Hayes – When We Were Amazing

November 30, 2007


On the day of the release of This Delicate Thing We’ve Made, while waiting to buy the double CD on iTunes, I read a review that called the album a “masterpiece”. I thought.. ‘oh come on’. Masterpiece is an awfully strong word.

Now, I worry that the laser on the CD player in my car just HAS to burn through to the ground at some point. I can’t take it out. This isn’t the VERGE of something wonderful, it’s dead on wonderful. I will say though, that I did have a minor complaint about the phaser sounds on Listen All You People (my favorite song – I think), I was listening to the CD one day (in the car) and I actually started to pull over because I thought something was wrong with the car. The sounds hit me strangely sometimes. OK, I’m a tard.

The music contained on these CDs is so good, I sometimes feel like I should send Darren more money.

I saw a video on YouTube of the Brisbane concert and Casey (my other favorite song). At the instrumental section toward the end, out comes a giant oragami crane with Hayes standing on top; the lights above moving as if the bird was in flight and he proceeded with the end of the song. Way cool. I got the whole paper crane thing now.

The video, by hubby Richard Cullen, that introduces the paper crane is Who Would Have Thought and I’ve included it here. I’ve also included instructions to make your own paper crane.

Click on the pic

If Darren ever needs to go back to a time when he was amazing, he could always go back to now. That spot is safe for him, because This Delicate Thing We’ve Made is truly amazing.

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Peter Lemongello: Now and Then

November 20, 2007



New YouTube video clip from Peter Lemongello: Now and Then.
Thanks Peter!


Lemongello Offerings

November 5, 2007

peter lemongello logo.jpg

Is it Love ’07?

Peter Lemongello’s music maybe spinning in your CD players before you know it. The once hard to find music will now be stocked and ready at the upcoming website. It isn’t ready yet, but make a note of it and pass it on.

Peter writes to his AllFunMusik fans:

First of all, let me say Thank You to everyone
who is expressing interest in me.

We are in the process of posting a new short video
we just completed to “youtube”.  We are also making a website and offering 5 CD’s on it.
The Original Love 76 2 albums
   (With several singles included)
The Do I Love You album
The “Best of Peter Lemongello 2001 CD
A brand New CD of Peter Lemongello Now.

These will be available when the website
is up and running on
so please keep an eye out for that.

Thank you all so much.
Love Peter

We’ll feature that video and the website as soon as they’re ready, so check back and listen to Peter on AllFunMusik Radio.

We Are The Pipettes

October 31, 2007


The twists and turns, the backward and forward movement of music; a shout out to Phil Spector as the teen tycoon of rock and a thumbs down to the Beatles..

It’s the Pipettes.

The only way I can describe it is as a modernized, 60s throw-back-bring forward, happy, dance music.

Becki, Rose and Gwenno make up the all girl Pipettes trio backed by the all male troupe, The Cassettes.

Thier album We Are The Pipettes contains their Top 40 hit Pull Shapes. It’s a super fun song baby, but the video MUST be seen at least once to really get the vibe. Taking the Spector model and twisting it with time makes for a unique sound. Take a look at the video on YouTube and dance along.

Richard Rothstein’s blog post has the best quote:

If you haven’t discovered the Pipettes, you’re in for a vaginatastic time! Even if you’re not a lesbian.

The song is of course part of the AllFunMusik lineup and, I think the Pipettes will be a fixture for quite some time.

Barry Harris : Let’s Get Soaking Wet!

October 15, 2007

barryharrisafm.jpgBarry Harris… Dance Music DJ, Remixer and Musician.

For those of us that like our music mixed, not stirred, Barry Harris is the king. If you see his name on a song, grab it. It will be the best music money you ever spend.

My first Harris sighting was a Barry Harris Mix featuring Pepper Mashay. The song, Dive In The Pool. Aside from the fact that Ms. Mashay can get anyone on their feet, the mix was mastery. Once you hear something Harris is involved in, the rest seems kind of… cheap.

As one of the most popular American DJs, his club nights are equally filled with quality. Not the same old thing where the DJ plays what he knows is popular. Barry Harris helps MAKE  popular.

Harris’ work can be found under other names as well. For instance: Kon Kan, Outta Control, Thunderpuss and Top Kat. Find anything with these names and it’s golden. My personal favorite, Thunderpuss (previously Thunderpuss 2000)  was a collaboration with another DJ great Chris Cox (pictured at left with Harris). The Thunderpuss production team was sought after by major artists and record companies, like Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Whitney Houston… well the list goes on forever.

Harris’ self-professed ‘best’ remix was for Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama“.

Many people hear a great mix and never attribute it to anyone other than the original vocal artist. That may be the right thimg, but once I put Barry Harris and Thunderpuss together with the mixing, the remixer is very important to me. I don’t think twice on a Harris or Thunderpuss mix. There are a lot of DJs out there. There’s an entire section of the music store for them. And one is truly better than the next. If I had my way, I’d have all my music in remixed versions only. There are songs I hear all the time that I think “Wow… why can’t Barry Harris do THIS song!”

Harris is currently concentrating on DJing and not remixing/producing. He’s waiting for a new inspiration to come. There were 4 years between Kon Kan and Thunderpuss and it looks like we’ll be waiting for the next bis Barry Harris ‘thing’ to emerge.

Both Dive In The Pool and Everybody Wants You To Emerge the Fisherspooner -vs- Billy Squire Mashup are featured on AllFunMusik Radio.

Next time you’re on iTunes or in a music store, keep an eye out for Barry Harris and Thunderpuss credits. Even artists you may not have bought can suddenly come to life.

Be careful searching for him on the web. There’s a Jazz Barry Harris… not him and a piano playing Barry Harris… not him. His own website no longer seems to be working. If you find a site or something with more current information on him, please post it in the comments section so we can all check it out.

Listen All You People to Darren Hayes

October 12, 2007


I LOVE Darren Hayes. He has probably, my most favorite voice of all time.

220px-dananddarren.jpgWhen I first heard Truly, Madly Deeply, I instantly became a Savage Garden fan. I hadn’t even realized that I missed their first single I Want You. Savage Garden (Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones) was an Australian band that snuck up on America and made a bit hit here. Truly Madly Deeply introduced us to  a very unique and beautiful voice and a very entertaining stage and video presence. I Knew I Loved You was the next big hit and everyone ate it up. The Animal Song, originally written for a movie that flopped, was the next I Want you with a peppy beat and fast lyrics. Crash and Burn would become my favorite SG piece. Aptly so, since Savage Garden broke up in 2001.

Hayes’ first solo album Spin with single Insatiable was released in 2002. Tne single was OK, but didn’t really make it and the album fell sort of short of what we were previously getting from Savage Garden. Perhaps going solo, he tried to distance himself from the SG sound. I don’t know. I could never wrap my arms around Spin.

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Station Stats: October

October 8, 2007

Top 5  

  1. Angelo Venuto – Sweet Caroline
  2. September – Satellites
  3. Eamon – F**k It (I Don’t Want You Back)(Giuseppe Mix)
  4. Danzel – Pump It Up (Crowd Remix)
  5. Scissor Sisters – Monkey Baby

Fastest moving songs 

  1. Sleepthief & Kirsty Hawkshaw – The Chauffeur (Original Album Version)- 65 places in 2 days
  2. Peter Lemongello – Do I Love You – 60 places in 2 days

Airplay requested by artists

  • Skitchy – Tiny Little Freaks
  • Richie Rosati – Inside Your Love (Electric Mix)

Note: There have been recent listener lockouts due to high station activity. We’ll be upgrading soon to allow more listeners, but in the meantime… get in early!

See what’s playing on the station right now. Click HERE 

See the Current Playlist HERE

Keep Voting and remember to vote for the station as well.


Lemongello’s Mood Rock Meets FunMusik

October 5, 2007


I got my copy of The Best of Peter Lemongello: 2001 : And the Greatest Hits of The Twentieth Century, so of course the first thing I did was add Do I Love You to the radio station (AllFunMusik Radio).

Classic meets current at AllFunMusik, whose motto has always been “Music can change your mood…“. So, Mood Rock definitely fits.

When the song plays between dance and pop hits, sit back, relax and collect your thoughts or sing along. A great voice. A great song. This might also be a good time to grab your partner and go for a slow spin. You might get lucky. This is getting lucky music!

I’ll change out the songs from time to time for variety. The CD has 13 songs; Lemongello hits mixed with Lemongello covers. Enjoy. You’ll be glad you listened.

Justin Timberlake : Futuresex/Loveshow

September 30, 2007


I was a big N*Sync fan. Me and millions of adolescent girls.

They were a guilty pleasure, like music was in the 60s and 70s… listening just for fun.

I guess I went along with all the baloney that they broke up because JT got all full of himself and thought he was too good. Later, I didn’t listen because I went along with the ‘trying too hard to be black’ thing.

That was bad because you just don’t ‘try’ to be Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Tina Turner or Smokey Robinson. You are or you aren’t and that full of himself kid from N*Sync wasn’t.

One day, I heard ‘Sexy Back’ and really liked it. He wasn’t trying to be anything, he was just singing a fun song and it seemed like he was having fun doing it. Well, I started paying more attention. Not to the gossip, like before, but to the music. He’s really talented. Both as a singer and as a performer.

Tonight, I caught the concert at Madison Square Garden on HBO and, wow. Not only was the music good, but he seemed like he was genuinely having a good time up there. Not working… having fun. That comes out in the music. You can tell who is singing for money and fame, and who is singing for love and fun.

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Peter Lemongello : The Time is Now

September 21, 2007

You know… all the ‘crooners’ are just about gone. Peter Lemongello is still young and there’s a big spot to fill. The women still love him and who doesn’t like a New York Italian singing standards with a few new things thrown in. Peter Lemongello… this is it… your time is here (again). If you’re not sure, you could always do another infomercial.

I’m not an entertainer so I don’t know what happens when the music drifts away. No one booed Peter Lemongello off the stage. There weren’t horrible scandals surrounding him. His voice never left. It all just drifted away. Well, I say enough of that. There are fans and plenty more to be had. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, gone. Vic Damone, Al Martino, gone… gone. Who is left? Tony Bennett, maybe Englebert Humperdink, Wayne Newton. Not much at all. The guys that make the ladies swoon and make the men sing along are no more. People don’t sing in suits any more. Not because the people don’t wat to see it… because there aren’t any perfromers that can fill shoes like that. Or ARE there people like that? Yes. Peter Lemongello. He  can bring that pop standard style to a new generation.
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Rex Smith: An Original Idol

September 13, 2007

rexsmithteenbeat.jpgRex Smith is getting out there making the old seem new again. It seems he’s taking a break from real estate and has joined the Original Idols Tour. His first show was in Las Vegas during Labor Day weekend and there are events popping up around the country. He’ll be at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville in October and then in Palm Springs, California in December. Hopefully, they’ll add more shows. Maybe he’ll get hooked and perform steadily. He has such a great voice. I’d like to see it back. This may be the trigger for something new. (but no reality shows!)

Another AFM favorite, Tony DeFranco will perform at the Original Idols events, too. Others are, Danny Bonaduce (Danny Partridge), Barry Williams (Greg Brady),  the Cowsills (Walk Away Renee), The Bay City Rollers (S-A-T-U-R… ok), and Leif Garrett. I have a feeling that Rex Smith will be the highlight of that group.

So, let’s get one of those concerts in or near New York.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year… Sooner Or Later’s too late! : Rex Smith

August 28, 2007

Rex Smith video from California Fever singing Sooner or Later.

The other Rex Smith post.

Cameo… Don’t Even Think About It…

August 28, 2007

Word Up! You either hate it or you love it. There’s no ‘liking’ it. I got it from the movie Get Real. Before that, I hated it… after, I loved it. If we can somehow bring the codpiece back, maybe Cameo will come back with another gem.

Welcome back to 1986.       W – O – R – D  UP!

Here’s the video. The song is featured on AllFunMusik Radio…

I Don’t Want You Back – Eamon

August 27, 2007

Another AllFunMusik favorite is Eamon’s Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) Gangsta’s Remix 07 (the station plays the Giuseppe Mix). For everyone that wanted to yell “Fuck you, you HO” at their partner over a pepperoni pizza… this is for you. Here’s the video on YouTube. The song is featured on AllFunMusik Radio.

He’s also just come out with a new single: How Could You (Bring Him Home).
Here’s a link to that video. Starts like Black Hawk Down, so you just know the other guy is going to be in trouble.

Put Your Ass In The Air

August 27, 2007

AllFunMusik favorite, Barracuda’s Ass Up video on YouTube.
Ass Up was in the original set of songs on the station and still isn’t in danger of getting cut.
Watch the video and get your ass in the air and move around like you don’t care. 

Nancy Sinatra: Those Boots Are Still Walkin’

August 20, 2007

I think she had a famous father or something.  Fred, Felix… right…  Frank.


The beautiful Nancy Sinatra recorded one of the catchiest songs around. Boots has become synonymous with her very name. The song never gets old to me.

You’d think someone that pretty would have let herself go by now. No way. She’s still gorgeous and very active. She reminds me a bit of Diane Keaton.

Take a look at her website. It’s full of photos, videos and she has a blog/diary that’s kept more up to date than a lot of people’s.
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Beating a Dead Horse

August 10, 2007

August 27th marks the debut of the new Backstreet Boys song Inconsolable from what will be their sixth album.


OK, admitedly, I liked the BSB in their prime and I still like some of that music today. I had a small kid that liked them and I got sucked in, OK?!?! Apparently they’re back and much to my surprise have been back before with an album in 2005. I never even heard of it. Anyway… the difference with album 6 is that they’re going back to being the Backstreet Boys with poppy, dance songs. Not trying to prove they’ve grown up. That’s good. It’s always embarrassing when someone popular tries to represent themselves outside their talent. (List too long to mention.)

The little catch is that there are only 4 of them now. Kevin Richardson has bowed out. This photo from the BSB website illustrates it. Hopefully they don’t do anything further with Kevin’s sneakers. I get it. Oh, and n*Sync… don’t get any ideas. We don’t want to see Timberlake’s sneakers on puppet strings.


I’m going to have to take a listen to this new album. I hope it’s good and I hope they figure out how to be successful as a man-band. It seems like a tough go to me, but I hope they pull it off.

The yet to be named album releases October 30th. You can listen to Inconsolable on . Good or bad, the song sounds like the Backstreet Boys. Good for die hard fans, but the band needs to win new fans with a style popular 10 years ago. I’m not worried about me liking it (I probably will), I’m worried about all the people that think of them as a ‘boy band’ and won’t give it a chance. Hopefully, for them they will find that Backstreet’s Back! And, yes… my son has grown up and I’ll still be first in line to buy the CD. So what?!

Update 10/12/07: Inconsolable has been added to the line-up on AllFunMusik Radio.

Peter Lemongello… WHERE ARE YOU?

August 9, 2007


Let me know…

You played at my father-in-law’s restaurant, The Piermont in Closter, New Jersey (many years ago) so, my wife always says that she met you. We still have the 8-track you gave her, but unfortunately, no 8-track player. You were the first to sell a million records on TV and yet you don’t have a website today?

Whenever we don’t know who sang a song, the same answer is always shouted out… Peter Lemongello!

So, tell us where you are or where to buy a CD or I’m changing my answer to Gordon Lightfoot.

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HEARTBEAT (It’s a Lovebeat)

August 9, 2007

defrancofamily1.jpgThe DeFranco Family… another Osmond Family, Jackson 5. No such luck.

Heartbeat (It’s a Lovebeat) promised to be the start of something good, but the family (as a singing group) faded away into one-hit-wonder-ville.

Abracadabra, in 1974 would be the last Top40 hit with Tony and brother Benny singing lead harmony. The band officially called it quits in 1979.

From Ontario, Canada, the DeFrancos performed with little Tony on the maracas. A family friend submitted a photo of the family to Tiger Beat magazine. Charles Laufer, then publisher of the magazine thought he saw a winner. He financed the family’s trip to California, a photo shoot and a demo record. 20th Century Records signed them. Later, they went on to be prominently featured in the magazine with Tony leading the way.

Their first TV performance was a month after the release of Heartbeat on American Bandstand with Dick Clark.

After their second album, Save The Last Dance For Me, 20th Century tried to keep the group alive by re-billing them as Tony DeFranco and the DeFranco Family. Later Tony was asked to go solo… he refused and the family walked.
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August 7th: New Songs Added. Some Not So Lucky

August 7, 2007

Check the Talk About the Music and Playlist pages for info.

The Monkees and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

July 15, 2007


It’s not always the most popular thing to be a Monkees fan. Because The Monkees were contrived, auditioned and set in a television show, their music is somehow thought of as a lesser music.

They sang their own songs and eventually even played the instruments. They had some of the best songwriters of the day (Neil Diamond, Boyce & Hart, Carole King, to name a few). They were pioneers in music video. Ever see a music video before The Monkees? No. Their songs topped the charts where the #2 spot was worlds behind. They sold more records than the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined during their show. They introduced others into the music world, like Jimi Hendrix, for instance.
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Simply… Rex Smith

June 30, 2007


Rex Smith’s songs have been off the shelves for quite some time now. My cassette of Sooner or Later is long worn out. I had to have You Take My Breath Away on the radio station and managed to find the single for sale by download and there it is on the station. He really does have a great voice and I’m surprised albums aren’t still coming. He created an album for sale on his website . Tracks included: Simply Jessie, Could It Be Magic, Goodbye To You, Foolish Heart, You Take My Breath Away, Forever, What About The Dream, Let’s Make A Memory, Lonely Days, and Without A Word.
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Timberlake: He’s Bringin Ping Pong Back

June 29, 2007

Gothenburg, Sweden


If you’re Justin Timberlake, can you go for a burger at Hard Rock Cafe in Sweden? Apparently not. Fans can adore you one minute but refuse an amateur photo-op while chewing on a french fry with your girlfriend, and POW! they turn on you.
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Rufus Wain-Writes Album #5

June 27, 2007


wainwright.jpg  Release the Stars

For me, new Rufus music doesn’t come nearly fast enough. The 5th album Release the Stars came out mid-May and I missed it. Downloaded it from iTunes today and listening to it now. Right off the bat, Between My Legs is my favorite so far. I’ve already added it to the radio station without even hearing the entire album.
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New on AllFunMusik Radio – June 26th

June 27, 2007

placebomeds.jpg Placebo – Meds


This edgy London band has been around since 1994. Who knew?

Did YOU forget to take your meds?


keonozarialbum.jpg Keo Nozari – Question of Monagamy I lie to you? Would you lie to me? Just how honest can we really be? I don’t have… the answer.



The Cliks – Oh Yeah!From the Toronto based band’s Snakehouse album.clicks.jpg 

Lucas Silveira, Jordan B. Wright and Morgan Doctor